Rain and busy...

The gals and I planted about 15 different plants in the garden...mostly seeds. I think there were a few flower seeds thrown in as I was trying to get some transplants into the ground (lettuce and turnips I grew a few weeks ago), and the gals grabbed the seed box and went to town. I don't know if the seeds/transplants will take. I watered them a bit too heavy, I think...and then there was a ton of rain today. So, who knows...

Much to our dismay, birds descended on the garden plot and we built a make shift scarecrow. I hope it works some what. It scared me a few times. We have an owl statue but it's covered by over grown leaves. We need to start trimming a few things.

The weather is supposed to be storms, storms and more storms with lightening...and in the 90's! ACK. I got some tomato plants and hope they do well. We ordered our dirt/mushroom compost and I'm using it everywhere. I hope the rain doesn't wash most of it away.

So we did all that yesterday and now I just finished cleaning out the guinea pig cage. They seem very happy as they have more room and were scooting around...really cute! I need to take more pics and rearrange the dining room. It's more of a family den feel.

I tried to play with Odie (the cockatiel) and he bit me. Actually, he bit me about 6 times and on the 7th, I said, that's enough. I went to wash my hands thinking, at least he didn't draw blood and then realized he did. Oh, well...

I've been slowly trimming Mr. Nelson's hair...he has issues with dog grooming/groomers. I fed him about a dozen treats and he'll sit with me as I trim. This works best while biscuits are coming at a steady stream and we're watching TV. Don't ask me why.

Anyway, I was surprised when I opened Odie's cage for his exercise, he flew to the guinea pigs and looked down at them. They seemed to acknowledge each other in their silent way and be somewhat social. Kind of cute...wish I could have found my camera in time.

Not much other news, I guess. We finished school and are officially in the summer mode. I took the gals out to lunch and we got some ponchos at K-mart as a sort of celebration. I have never seen so much rain in my life, let alone in the summer. It still surprises me but in a good way.

I hope this summer is relaxed or at least pleasantly busy. I wish we had a hammock, but it would be impossible to lay in one with all this rain. I guess this is good for the museum...lots of indoor playing there.

I'm listening to pandora.com and have it set to Billy Joel. Good tune selection: Queen, Eagles, Hall & Oates (Jon's fave) and now America (my fave). I watched a bit of a Cyndi Lauper interview and she was talking about a line up for her next concert, True Colors. B-52's are going to be there...wow! Wish I could go to that one...awesome!

We took a nap today...I was so grumpy yesterday because I skipped my nap. Boy, what a dragon lady I was. Now, I feel much better though sort of antsy because of being in the house so much with the rain. I'd rather be outside planting or trimming.

I can hardly wait to see the fireflies. This will make the humidity worthwhile.

I've got some ideas for the children's museum design wise that will make the theater room have a real wonderful feeling of magic. It needs a little TLC, I think.

I guess my cold is getting better if I'm feeling energized and creative. I was looking at some flickr art and my, what inspirations! Here's one of my favorites. I think I could find a spot to work something like this in...

I watched several films and one, The Science of Sleep, was just wonderful in the use of imagination and magical realism...I'd love to capture some of that at the museum. Sometimes it's so hard to have dreams when you have no budget. Still, there is that part that kicks in and says, we can do it. We can make things and use a bit of know how to create a world of our own that will spark joy in people and children...regardless of the means one has.

Started to think about a Mika...gonna have to share that video now.:)


Carolee said…
Hi Emily ~ Tons of rain here in southern PA too, and very humid. The upside is it's great weather for staying inside and creating. Enjoy, and good luck with the museum!

~ Carolee
Emily said…
Thank you, Carolee! The museum is very cool but underfunded...still, a lot of people enjoy it (regardless of their age). If you're ever in the area, please drop by! Plus, we're having extended summer hours.

And that's very true...inside time, means time to create. Always a VERY good thing! :)

Thanks again for writing! Best, Emily

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