On his way home...

Phew! What a busy past few days. With Jon in Montreal going to various lectures and what knots, I had to pull double shift at the museum. Usually he covers for the weekend, but I had to do this. Thankfully, I had some help from the in-laws and this was nice. I was so busy most of the time, I had little chance to worry (well, most of the time, I didn't). Fortunatly, he's on his way home! :) :)

It was nice today as I did a little gardening. I have to say with all this rain/humidity, my garden is doing very well. I have basil, lettuce, turnips, radish, cucumber and much more growing. I guess I was thinking of a salad when I planted all of that! lol! The funny thing about the garden is after I planted the seeds, we had a this big rain storm. I was worried some of the seeds would not take or wash away. Well, they didn't wash away but they turned up in odd places...I have basil growing under the turnips and lettuce under the zucchini plant. lol! And a few bare spots...so, I guess I'll stick some more seeds in the ground and grow some other veggies. I love this time of year. :)

One of the reasons my garden is growing so well is I finally got the right combination of compost (mushroom) and topsoil. The first time I did this, I did pure compost which burned all my seeds up. I was very disappointed. This time, I had a mix and it came out excellent.

I can hardly wait to get some cucumbers and corn...I wish I could have a garden all year but this isn't going to happen. I guess all things have a definite time and place in the East. Unless I win the lottery or something, a year long garden is a dream. :)

The weather outside is sticky and muggy...but I did finish up a few projects...made a few simple shelves for the gals rooms and another cute chalkboard for the museum. I used scrap wood for the chalk board this time. It came out rather nice.

After all of that, I was pooped and had a nap. Then, I got bugged to make lunch and did that. I feel better too and now I'm being stared/whined at by Mr. Nelson. I guess he just wanted a biscuit (gave him one).

Last night I saw this old movie at my mom-in-law's called the The Spiral Staircase. Boy, did that give me goose bumps! It's especially bad when you have to go home by yourself and the house is all dark. Thankfully, I wasn't totally alone...it's just the weather was so similar to the film, it sort of creeped me out. Plus, I watched Ghost Whisperer the other day.

Nelson is more protective, I notice when I'm just here. Otherwise, he's a bit calmer. Also, the strangest thing about my cats is happening. Ever since Jon went on his trip, they have stopped peeing on the bathroom mat. I just thought that was funny. I don't think that the cats dislike Jon, they like him a lot. I just think they realize something is different.

Well, I've decided I have to learn to trim the guinea pigs nails. They are way too long and scratch me up every time I clean their cage or just try to hold them. They are totally unused to being picked up and squirm/run for dear life. It would be funny, however, they make it feel like your abusing them or something. Sigh...

It's so nice to write a blog, finally. The annoying thing at the museum is there is NO internet access. It's very frustrating and I find myself feeling frustrated and having more work to do at home because of this. It would be so nice to have internet access (we already have two donated computers) as I could get a lot of things done, inform people about the museum while I'm there and just get things moving (esp. for grants). Anyway, one of my peeves.

Some exciting news is happening as looks like we may be working with the Blair Historical Society for a partnership fundraiser. I'm very excited as Jon's co-worker has just gotten the job as head of the society and is an excellent contact. This sounds very promising.

Well, besides rain and achy joints, I've been doing a bit of artwork as well. I'm 1/3 finished with this new doll I'm making. I haven't made one in a long while and had a feeling I really wanted to make this idea. I'll have photos of the progress soon. I'm debating whether to sell it on eBay or submit it to a design company....maybe both, in opposite order. Or I could send it as a prototype to this one company I've been lusting about signing up with.

Anyway, stuff to do. Thank goodness for naps, it's really cleared my head. Have a great Sunday! :)


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