Hot and humid

It's still hot...and no rain, yet. We took a drive to canoe creek on Friday evening and jumped into the lake. I almost didn't care I was in a bathing suit. It was really fun and very cooling to do this, I must say. I hadn't gotten into the water past my knees as I'm a big chicken when it comes to water (plus, I don't like getting it in my ears). Next time, I'll bring one of those floating things and I'll be fine. The girls had a blast and kept finding lake seaweed to show me. People were having a good time and just enjoying the coolness of the water. Plus, going a few hours before dusk you don't have to worry about the sun and getting burnt. Just a good feeling all around.

I splurged and got something called beach socks. These are the best investment I have ever made as they saved all or our feet from the rocks mixed in the sand. What a treat! This has been one of my annoyances to walking along the shore in the East...REALLY rocky sand. In California, it was like butter...there was probably rocks too but it really softer sand.

The only problem with the canoe creek visit was a flurry of bad seems like everyone swears willy nilly among other things. I'm surprised by that because the people swearing were moms and dads too. Not that I don't swear, but I have to have a pretty good reason to do it (usually because of stubbing my toe). It just seems like when some people swear, they don't have much of a vocabulary. I hate to sound elitist about that but when you're in a public place (with a lot of people and esp. children) swearing just be whispered or not used at all. I guess I felt embarrassed by that.

When we left, we saw a big snapping turtle and Jon tried to move it off the road. But it snapped at him. Then, a wagon of teens pulled up and they all stared at the turtle and I had a brief moment of fear they were going to take the turtle. Most likely they moved it off the road...I hope.

In fact, we saw 3 deer as we drove through Canoe creek and various red winged black birds. Then, yesterday morning, I looked at the window and saw a raccoon wandering down our neighbors driveway and climb up a tree! Lots of animals lately...I guess they're looking for water since it's been so hot and humid.

As for projects, I finished making a big chalkboard which I'll bring over to the museum, today. It's mine but I'll loan it for a sign in the window. I think it'll look pretty cool.

I must say, I'm getting a bit better with the hand, I straightened up the garage. Jon likes the way I rearranged it...looks more spacious and I have various spots for working.

Well, the kids are all cranky because it's so hot and I think we'll sit outside for a bit. Maybe we'll make some wax paper boats and float them in the kiddy pool.


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