Had a clean-up day

at the museum with my friend/volunteer. We took it easy and did windows, swept the basement and emptied trash. Not too bad a job, actually. The gals played in the sand pit and were really great.

Came home and I made some cucumber yoghurt soup. It's basically slightly watered down plain yoghurt with some salt/Mrs. Dash for taste. I diced up one cucumber and added this as well as some spearmint from the garden (it's growing really well and I have to watch that it doesn't take over the whole garden, apparently). This is a cold soup perfect for hot summer days and fast to make. It's actually a Bulgarian recipe and is eaten with a few other summer foods like tomatoes that have been sliced, mixed with onion slices and mixed with a vinaigrette of olive oil and vinegar. I have to try that when my tomatoes are ready.

I found out that the recipe some of my relatives have been making with meatballs is not Bulgarian but actually from Greece! All this time, I thought it was Bulgarian...basically the recipe calles for spearmint as well. This is a very tasty meatball that can be used in soup or as is. I love anything with spearmint in it or cilantro. There was this great soup that I loved getting in California called Albondigas soup. I think I'll aim to make this next market trip. Yum!

I'm starting to get interested in making more ethnic type foods lately. I want to try and make some Chinese food from scratch. I have a pretty good book on understand Asian cuisine and may try to go to the Vietnamese market in State College and see what I can do. I'd like to learn and make hot and sour soup and moogoogaipan.

There was a really sweet restaurant in S. Cal called the Happy Family restaurant and they served everything vegetarian with Buddhist influences. One food then had was a fried eggplant with a crust mixed with cilantro. It was very spicy but oh, so good. I wish I could make that right now. :)

Besides the cucumber soup, I had fried bologna. I haven't had that in years! It was pretty good, actually. I've got food on my mind today.


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