Day off...

We're going to have a little bar-B-q today! I can hardly wait. I made potatoes salad yesterday after the bake sale and it's nice and chilled. I was tired but in a good way...I must say, it's 1000 times better to sit outside and have a good friend to talk to then stay inside the museum. It was a nice relaxing day because of that. Plus, I met some great people who amaze me with their volunteering and generosity of spirit. All in all, a good day.

I'm getting a bit annoyed at the painting of the front porch of them museum. It's drab gray and very depressing...I want to see white columns and a red door for the and seasonal flags hanging from top of the porch. This would really add so much to the attractiveness of the building as well as be much more welcoming.

The bake sale was all right for an event that was short notice and had literally no advertisement. For what it was, I think it was pretty good. I know the next one will be even better. I'm planning a bar-B-q there too...I think this will be a lot of fun for July. I want to find out who owns this grassy area that is about 1 block down and see if we can borrow it for a day and have some events there to relax and kids can play outside.

Today, we got a off and went to the Bellwood Rails-to-trails that opened up this year. It was a nice walk but someone was burning stuff in their burn barrel and it stunk half the trail up. Otherwise, we saw quite a few cicadas and heard them as well. I think they are amazing insects and would have liked to take some of the dead bugs I found on the trail home for preservation but Lydia was too nervous about that. Jon wanted to pick all these mulberries we saw (just ready to fall off looks like) but we were too tired.

We did a little drive through Riggles Gap and got to see all sorts of trees, plants, insects and neighborhoods. The woods have some very idealic spots but the thought of walking through them makes me nervous as I know it's full of bugs.

It's nice to be home and I wish we had a hammock to sleep on. I know I would right now. It's a nice sunny day and I hope it rains soon so my garden doesn't dry amazes me how I become dependant on the weather for such things. It's still a bit bizarre because in S. Cal you'd just water everything because it never rains in the summer.

I did some simple painting for some chalkboards I'm making. One for the museum and another couple for my self. I love they way they look and they are so cheerful and bright. Maybe I'll sell some on eBay or something. Speaking of which, soon I'll have a donation link for the museum as well as an on-line gift shop to sell artwork by the various artists displayed there. This was a lot slower process then I thought it was going to be...but the good thing is, the bugs are getting worked out and I know we'll do well (esp. come the holidays, which is what I want my goal to have this finished by). We are definitely a non-profit group and the support from the community and more will be something that will help so many children in the area. I feel very excited about this and I know we can do this and what's more, it will do very well.


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