Busy day!

Yesterday, we had a large literacy/school group come to the museum. They were great as there was enough adults watching the kids, extra staff to help clean up and I had a wonderful volunteer helping me! Thank you, Cristy! :)

The kids had a wonderful time...they seemed to really like the 3rd and 2nd floor. Having the "Grandma's Attic" open was a definite plus. Some, like me, were a bit afraid of heights, so, I had to help a few people down (like my own kids). Otherwise, the energy was wonderful. By 3 I was so tired and my gals were having melt downs...so much happened. Cristy helped me as we also had a few walk-ins and I wanted to close early. But it worked out well with Cristy's help.

Today, we're having a Bake Sale at the museum! This is the first event we've had there in probably 2 years, I'd guess. Maybe there was more before, I but I don't recall anything. So, last night I made about 44 cupcakes. We had some lemonade dropped off by one of our group as well as a bunch of fudge. So, all in all we're starting to get things going. I have more volunteers and people interested in dropping off baked goods. So, hopefully, we have a good turn out.

The other day, I made a big sign for the bake sale and we'll get some balloons to brighten the entry way. I want to put a few other signs around the lawn as well.

Wish us luck as we hope to raise a modest amount ($200)from this event. I tried contacting the paper but I was too late (they need 2 weeks in advance notice...well, now I know).

I'm annoyed as I still can't find my battery for my camera and I need to take pics of this event. I may have to use my beat up camera...it works but only takes point-and-shoot photos (no focusing).

I'm glad we finished the cupcakes (about 44 were made). They look rather spiffy in the paper bag. Well, I've got to get ready to go. I want to arrive at least an hour before and start setting up, finish a few signs and get ready with balloons/ice. Plus, I have to wash out our cooler. Things to do.


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