Sunny day at last

This has got to have been the most rain we've had in a while! It seemed like every day several rain storms would dump water on all of us and not let up. It wouldn't have been so bad if it was warm but it was so cold too. I can't even remember half of what I did this week as it felt like I was just driving around in the rain.

Fortunately, I got some of the rooms cleaned with a helpful volunteer (thank you, Cristy!) and then Jon did some cleaning last night. I went over today and cleaned up the basement (sand) and vacuumed half the steps. Boy, does dust build up...I really need to get more volunteers at the museum. Still, it was nice getting half the steps done (we brought our vacuum over and this helps a lot).

Things are going better in many respects and we are now stable money wise. So, this is a huge relief, as anyone would say. The next thing I need to do is get my compost/dirt delivered and start on that garden. If I put in a few hours, it will be ready to go and I know I'll have a good crop of something...most like zucchini and hopefully, potatoes and carrots...oh and tomatoes of course.

Lots to do but if you enjoy doing it, that does make a difference. I'm hoping for a few other things to turn up and will find out next week. It's art related and I'm excited about it.

There's a art show, speaking of art, which I need to get a few pieces ready for. It's due on June 1st...not much time but I hope to have some work to share.

I feel a bit tired after all that cleaning today. Plus, I did the dishes which isn't a bit feat, really, but when you see the pile of dishes we make, it can be impressive.

Well, I missed out on the 6 guinea pigs. Oh, well...maybe next time. Lydia is missing being 5 years old. I didn't think kids are like that but I guess they are. I remember when my niece turned 6...she was the same way. So interesting how kids think.

Looks like it might rain, again. This isn't so bad as today was a nice warm day. I decided to use the last of my bright blue paint and painted the garage door. I think I'll get some more and paint the other outer doors (ancient sliding doors) the same color or blue with yellow marks. We shall see. Plus, I want to paint the front porch...I was going to go with periwinkle blue but Lydia told me red is better. So, I might go with that (I did see a very nicely painted front porch a few weeks ago in red). I feel so domestic.

Well, I think I'm going to sneak over to my bed and lay down for a little bit. I feel a bit sick from eating all this food at dinner...I stuffed my self, shamefully.


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