It's raining today and cold. It's a bit odd for being only 40 degrees and it's nearly June...what are the fireflies going to think? Strange weather...even though it is better than humidity. Still, I'm worried about my garden and will everything grow. I've really got to start thinking about making simple greenhouses (old jars can fit over seedling, giving a protection against the elements).

I remember a neighbor back in California. She took this barren grassy bit and made one of the most beautiful gardens I had ever seen. I admire people who can do that. It gives me hope of doing something like this as well...At least I pulled a few weeds from the front yard. I love dandelions but at times they will grow in spots I want to just keep mulched.

Last night was a bit hectic as there was a last minute party of the cutest kids. Most had to be under 6...I was surprised by the amount of kiddos but on the whole they were pretty good. I know there will be a big clean-up, none-the-less.

Then, we had a board meeting and things are moving along! I'm very pleased as more board meetings are just what we needed. It helps get plans made, responsibilities done and best of all there is a sense we're all in this together. What a relief.

I know I tend to be a Pollyanna type and try to keep myself level headed. Now, I want to see that movie again...We should all encourage our Pollyanna's as much as possible.


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