Rain and sun

Makes rainbows. And afterwards, you get sunlight on green leaves, lilac in purples and white, yellow dandelions, orange and red from the last of the tulips and blues in the shadows of hydrangea leaves. Spring is here in all it's wonderful glory.

Last night, I made two soft kitties in orange and red striped sweater material. We gave them as gifts to two girls in Norrie's class (it was their birthday and they're twins). I put an A and R so the little gals would know which was theirs. I'm already making two extra for my two sweeties. It's nice to sew again...haven't done that in ages, it feels like.

Also, I brought the 3 pieces that were chosen for the juried art show at the campus to the show. I submitted 3 digitally composed works done in Photoshop. I'm very pleased they were accepted as I was a bit nervous if people would appreciate them. I've gotten good feedback on-line but you never know how it is in person. When I brought them in, someone said they were magical...and I admit I was very pleased. So, they are going to be up for however long it runs (one week). Hopefully, a few sales will be made and a few commissions.

I feel a bit tired as I've been making as much as I can from scratch primarily because we haven't gotten to the market yet. Have to wait till pay day and so on. So, it's annoying albeit a creative challenge. I made my first sour dough bread and it came out more like a pita bread (flat). I waited over 24 hours for my dang "sponge" to bubble and foam but couldn't stand waiting any longer. It can take an hour to 6-8 hours or more. I guess I was “or more”. Anyway, I made it and it was sour as sour dough should be and actually quite good (even if it was more like a strange looking Frisbee shape).

I'm listening to some Ottmar Liebert on Pandora. The selections that come up are excellent...upbeat, lively and even if it's a bit of a sad-ish piece, still has punch. I feel like I need this extra energy as I have got so much housework to do. With all the food making, things got a little out of hand (dishes piled up, we don’t have or can afford a dish washer). Plus, I've got all the grant stuff out, school bills/scholarships for my gals (they got awarded 2 grants, thank goodness), art stuff, library books and more. Plus, we were so busy yesterday (my car is officially sick and everyone wants me to dump it...but I don't want to. They'd only give 125! That's crazy), with getting the old car back home, we didn’t do much house stuff. However, the music is making me feel better…I want to dance the tango.

I'm very excited about an idea I have for the museum website...I'd like to put a gift shop on the website and have people be able to purchase handmade goods/etc directly from the website. This would bring added income to the museum and would be easier for folks to see what there is to offer, etc.

We had a great meeting with a fellow artist, Rachel DiAndrea, of Pet Art Studios, yesterday. I did an interview of her for the Art Cafe (on the Altoona mirror) awhile back. She has great ideas for the museum as well. Again, I feel blessed to have people with insight and marketing skills in my life and especially for the museum.
It's funny how one day you'll feel tired and down but all you really need is a good nap or time to talk to someone. Had a good conversation with my sis-in-law for about an hour last night. We usually can talk but I guess it's just when our personalities are on edge (for whatever reason) or if we focus on past angry feelings instead of forgiving, we’ll clash. Fortunately, we’ve seemed to forgotten whatever it was we were fighting about and we had a good conversation. So, I'm happy about that. I hate fighting and it's such a waste of energy to be angry. Of course, I was angry at Jon the other day...I don't remember why but I'm pretty sure, I was tired and this was the main reason.

Oh, and I broke my tooth yesterday morning. I couldn't believe it. I was eating pretzels and the next things I know, a piece of my tooth is gone! It hurt a lot (scrapped the side of my tongue and my throat feels a bit like I have a cold or cold sore growing there now). I feel a bit better now. Still, it's a disturbing feeling...

I can't believe this weekend is Mother's day. I feel ashamed as I forgot it was mother's day weekend (I had been wondering why there were all these flower tents)...so, Mom, I'm sorry I will be sending you a gift this coming week. I am working on a little something for you. Also, my mom, who remembers almost everything, sent me a beautiful red work piece of two girls sharing their ice cream. My mom is so talented...and it arrived safely (she was worried about it being sent incorrectly). I love it and it reminds me of my gals.

I wish I could say what else I'm going to do for mother's day but most likely it will be working at the museum and hopefully do some painting/art. I feel a bit down about this as I haven't been working on anything it seems. Of course, that's not really true but I just feel like I should be creating more art. I did start some paper mache creations and will be sending them out and hopefully, NOT, getting rejected, again. Blah…

Right now, all I'd like to do is soak in the tub with bubbles and take a nap. Also, a magic wand would be nice to zip around and clean up this house. I guess my break is over...

Speaking of over, I can't wait for school to be over and do some nice summery things. Looks like I'll have a late garden again as I still haven't gotten my dirt delivery for my raised beds. Oh, well...

Almost forgot, I'm going over to Art4 Gallery in Hollidaysburg and will be showing my small works there too! This is exciting as it's a new gallery and they are wonderful in that they show local works. :)

One last thing, I got really lucky at the last yard sale I went to (2 weeks ago) and got 2 boxes of frames for $4. I was thrilled as frames are a bit issue for artists (I keep forgetting this until I need them for shows or just to display them at home). So, I have a bunch to work with and adapt for my needs. I like to paint them or add something fun to the surface of more serious frames...one, I put polka dots on. It seemed to need polka dots.

Anyway, I hope Jon is surviving being at the museum alone for a few hours. I was there for 2 or so hours and he was there after me. He's got to cut some lawns today...at least it's not raining! Today is about 50 degrees and sunny, sunny, sunny! 


Happy Mother's Day Emily!

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Happy Mothers Day!

CK :)

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