A pollen filled day...

It's gorgeous outside and slightly cool but warming up, thankfully. I feel a bit overwhelmed as yesterday was a roller coaster of a day emotionally. I'm glad a few things are being worked out and so forth and yet, there is an overwhelming feeling that this is becoming so complicated for no real reason. I know things will work out.

I've also realized how wonderful Jon is. I don't say it enough, really. He's great and even if we're having a bad patch with this new endeavor, it's not a big thing in the grand scheme of life. I have to say, we're really learning to work well together and that's a good feeling.

I'm also glad I have what I do have. I was thinking about the horrible things happening lately, the earthquake in China, the cyclone in Myanmar, and tornados in Arkansas...my thoughts and prayers go out to all who are suffering and have left us. It breaks my heart, really. I've been through a few earthquakes and know this is one of the worst feelings. I'm fortunate not to have gone through worse weather conditions than an Eastern storm or two and can almost imagine what it would be like in something worse.

I guess these thoughts have been in my mind...I've really got to stop reading the news headlines. Fortunately, there are many good things happening and this helps balance the sorrows that are in the world right now.

On an entirely different note, I dropped some work off at Art4 Gallery. They were so nice and friendly, I felt at home. It's a beautiful space and what I love most is the use of old pieces of a barn for the front counter and shelves! What a beautiful use of something from the past and such a wonderful homage. I submitted a few pieces of small artwork there as well. I'm going to do a write up for the Altoona Art Cafe blog soon and can't say enough positive things about it. Besides which, they have wonderful artwork...I wish my pocketbook was bigger (or that I had one) and I'd definitely spend a bit there!

Even though my allergies are acting up, it's been a productive day. Things will get better and for now, we need to count our blessings.

This print was recently accepted by the juried artshow by BCAF.


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