New art at the Children's Musuem

One of the aspects of working at Quaint Corner is connecting with artists from a variety of backgrounds. On Thrusday, Kim Hambric, a multi-media artist brought in her quilt pieces for display in the first floor room. I must say, her work is full of color and depth. Some of the colors she uses are harmonic and balanced. Each peice is hand sewn with detail and most of the fabrics have been dyed or printed by Kim. They will be on display for 6 months.

In addition to this, I have some of my own work up at the Altoona Library for the month of May. There is a two year waiting list, and it was my turn. I can hardly believe it's been 2 years since the last show there. Time does fly. I've learned the importance of collecting frames and even more so, where to place the hanging aparatuse on the back of the frame. This is always tricky to me and now, after Kay Shade showed me how, I understand why. Part of the learning process...

After this show, I'll bring whatever doesn't sale to a few other venues around State College. As an artist, we need to create energy to bring people to the art (or bring art to the people). This is something basic in all of us...the need to create and to appreciate the arts created as well. I've just heard of another art shop opening in Hollidaysburg and will have to check them out soon.


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