Mission Acomplished.

I've officially made the oatmeal-raisin-chocolate chip cookies! It took me till the next day (Kim, you encouraged me to get this done!lol!). I must be feeling a tad better (having the air conditioner on, helps control dust/pollen). I finished the cookies and my eldest said after one bite "These rock, mom!" I was surprised by that and very honored!

I also am trying another sour dough recipe. The other one I tried was a bit convoluted and made it hard to follow with the little tangents here and there. I used my old trusty Betty Crocker cook book (the 1970's version, I believe). That book has got a lot of use. Yesterday, all I could manage for dinner was something I'm calling
"Italian Dumplings". Bascially, I made dumplings and added basil to them. Then, I tried to fry them first (this didn't work out too well...either too dough-ie or else not enough oil used). So, I boiled the sause and dropped them in there and steamed them up. Surprisingly, this came out really good with a touch of parmesian cheese for garnish. Give it a try (make sure the sauce in the jar is a bit watery (I swished some water in the jar to get the last drops, as well).

Today, I was blessed with a gift of beans and kids clothing. I know, strange combination but they're needed. I used the kidney beans to create a chili of sort...basically added chili powder, cumin, salt, chicken broth and a bit of chicken. I also baked a small chicken Jon got last night. He does lawn mowing during this time of the year for extra cash and it comes in handy, I must say.

So, with all of this going on, I made the cookies (a few got burnt, but that's what happens when I double up in the oven) and the chicken came out excellent. I feel like I'm getting good at creating new meals.

As a way to keep me sane, I started and am nearly finished with a mini-quilt. I did a guinea pig in blue and it came out really sweet. I used sweater material that had accidently been felted and another one which had been worn to near bits. This one is going to be a hard to sell as they remind me of my gals...but I will make myself something from the left over pieces. I didn't realize how nice it is to use sweater material that's felted. I used a bigger needle as well and I think this is what made it less painful (I usually use a tiny needle for sewing).

In other news, I'm volunteering at the artist reception tomorrow. It should be fun and I hope to meet some nice people. It's at the campus...

I sometimes wonder how in the world I get myself into situations where I'm out of the house so much. I'm a very home body type and it still makes me laugh...Jon's dad once told him, he'd never be bored with me. I guess that's true; I usually get myself into a situation of one kind or another. Hopefully, mostly good.

I know this sounds terrible but I watch a lot of cartoons...obviously, this is in reflection to my kids. We recently rented the whole Gummie Bears series...and it was a real treat. I grew up on this stuff and it was a delight to see my gals fall in love with them too. Of course, we also watch Jenny the Robot, Spongebob (one of my favorites), and countless other cartoons (usually classics off of youtube). I read a lot of kids books too...and again, usually they are written better and have more truth to them than most grown-up contemporary books.

I recently read a book called Mr. Glum, I believe. It was about a fish who would swim around and just be down. This made other fish down too. I have to say this is very true about my moods too...if I'm having a bad day, usually everyone knows and feels moody too. I don't think we should try and "be happy" but I do think, there is truth to what Leo Buscaglia said about the self:

Love yourself—accept yourself—forgive yourself—and be good to yourself, because without you the rest of us are without a source of many wonderful things.”
Leo F. Buscaglia

What a good way of thinking about who we are...I hope to put this into practice more.


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