I've got the suds...

as Spongebob would say. I just feel all stuffy, sick and achy. I was wondering why I felt down these past few days and out of sorts. Now, I know. I really thought it was going to be allergies but I guess I picked up something from the in-laws when they were visiting in Boston. Oh, well...

Basically, my throat aches, have a headache, fever and just plain stuffed up nose with tired feelings. I'll be better soon.

The good news, we did get the guinea pigs! They are watching me cautiously from the side of the room...like I'm some sort of scary figure. I guess I am, in a way (being a giant to a piggy isn't that hard). They are pure white albino's with strawberry eyes and smooth short haired. Just like my first guinea pig! We're thinking of names...they are a mama and daughter. Jon picked them up before work and had them there all day and someone suggested Hillary and Chelsea. I thought that was cute but doesn't quite roll off the tongue. Maybe they will be their middle names. The gals want to call them Strawberry and Sugar (must have heard me talking about my little guinea pig) or Ice Cream Vanilla and Pudding. I suggested Lucy and Ethel. Jon liked it but the gals thought it was strange. I'm going to have to rent some "I Love Lucy".

So, that's what we're thinking about as we battle our colds (Jon has one, Norrie has a red nose and I think Lydia is getting some signs of a cold). I just hope the guinea pigs don't get this. Every time I blow my nose or sneeze they look shocked. Of course, it's 4 in the morning...that might be why they are shocked I'm up.

Still working on grants. I'm thankful to say some are ending at the end of June, one I fill out the 2nd day of June and the others are following suit. This is exciting stuff!

I have plans for a summer camp and hopefully, I can get that going soon. I meant to have all the info finished but things got delayed (the cold and all). Well, I'm going to try and sleep some more. Need to make some tea, and I'm off to dreamland.


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