I sometimes wonder about reading blogs/writing and so forth. It seems to me there are times when people like to read things that are negative and other times people like to read only positive upbeat things. I try to keep it balanced in my little nook here. Just seems a nice balanced thing to do.

Recently, I read that people attract likes. In other words, if people are genuinely happy, they will attract happy people. If they are down beat, they will attract the same. This seems really true for me. When I think of my friends in the past, I can see why some relationships went sour or others have held the test of time. I'd say I'm a fairly normal, happy person and I know this is reflected in my current best friend, husband, new friends, etc. Just a sense of well being, really.

Had a great time with one of my students but we were both having an off day. I just can't seem to shake this allergy thing...time to do the nasal cleansing, I guess. I know I'll feel better afterwards, but there's a load of dishes I need to wash first.

I need to think about dinner, again. We're out of pasta, so I'm trying to think of an alternative I can fry up and add tomato sauce too. Something that is simple and sort of like pizza-ish.

Anyway, I really don't want to cook but I know everyone's going to be hungry and at least a semi-Italian dinner will please everyone! :)

If I have the energy, maybe I'll make oatmeal cookies. I was looking through the pantry and found some raisins and oats. This should be good with chocolate chips. Wish me luck the energy to finish it all.


Kim Hambric said…
Did you make those cookies? I have a box of brownie mix I can't even seem to get around to making.

Sorry to read about all of the allergy stuff. My daughter just went to the doc yesterday to find out why she has been coughing for a month. Allergies!!

I guess I'm the only one in my family who gets to enjoy spring.

Thanks for posting all of those photos of my quilts. Hope all is well at the museum.

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