Got a bit behind on my art stuff...

I've got to update my art blog soon as the server was down a few days ago for this. Hopefully, it's back up.

In the meantime, I'm putting up new work on eBay. I can hardly wait for summer time...then, I can really get work done.

It was a long day but very nice as we talked to some new people and the gals had a good time playing.

On a different note, one of the things I really want to do is make the gift shop at the gallery come alive by having sales go on-line. This would be a great way to encourage sales and give local artists a chance to work with a really great cause.

I feel lucky to have a lot of good people in my life and mostly to have crazy Mr. Nelson (my dog). I have to say he makes everyone laugh (even if he snuck downstairs and went potty down there, shame on him). Another good thing about having a dog is he forces us to play...even if we don't want to. Honestly, if I could, I'd have two dogs...but my darn fence probably wouldn't survive (it's sort of like a fence for cattle but smaller grids). Anyway, stuff to think about.

I almost got 6 guinea pigs. Unfortunately, someone beat me to it. These little guys were going to be given away and I missed that one (Jon's probably relieved). I wouldn't mind a goat, but we're not allowed in the "city". Maybe we should just get a little farm some day...I know a nurse who does that. Has a house in town and a farm a few miles away. Sounds like a lot of work, though...

Well, I heard about this cool place but I'm not supposed to tell anyone about it. Let's just say it's in Martinsburg...sort of like a junk shop but a bit better (it has FABRIC and ART supplies!). I really, really want to go but have to wait till things are a bit different money wise. A visit wouldn't hurt if I just window shopped. This is one reason I like to read blogs and get to look and don't have to buy anything (yet). :)

Last night I stayed up till midnight painting and even though I was tired, it felt very good. If I want to refresh myself, painting does the trick every time. Actually, any art will do. I need to start thinking about making a "fire pit" sort of thing (maybe a bar-b-que type kiln) to test out the paper clay idea. I hope it works...this was something I've been wanting to try since the Winter.

I'm so excited about the art show at the Penn State's an honor to have 3 pieces there. We went to the artist's reception (and volunteered, actually)...good food and a fun opportunity to meet some people in the art scene locally.

All in all, an interesting week. The gals and I are pressing flowers, drying out lilac (hopefully, this will work and I can make potpourri) and enjoying Spring. I still have to photograph my mini-quilt and put that up on-line. Too much to do, I guess...and I still haven't finished planting in my little garden space. I did start some lettuce, turnip, and other plant seedlings. I hope they survive the thinning process…I’m a klutz at this.

I’m thankful at the moment…it amazes me how family and friends really do help in times of need. I’m very grateful right now.

Also, we got rid of the old car. It wasn’t worth trying to fix up and after all the list of repairs we’d have to make and on top of that it was a gas guzzler, it was time to say good-bye. I was sad as it had a lot of memories. It was my first real car (didn’t start to drive until my late 20’s…took the bus or walked in CA) and this made it a bit harder to let go. Plus, I had a lot of good memories with my sis and family (we bought it from her). Anyway, it was a good car…but nothing beats getting $15 for half a tank of gas! The little trekker is REALLY good on gas (plus, having air conditioning, a working radio and no leaky sunroof is a great thing).

Well, that’s it for now. Today a lot was accomplished, planned out and I’m feeling a lot better emotionally. A good day with a bit of rain.


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