evening out...

Went to a first evening out with a group of interesting women from the Newcomers group. It was a nice meet and great feeling as I knew one or two of the women and made a lot of new acquaintances. Nice feeling, actually. I stayed longer than I realized but it wasn't a problem...Jon got everyone cleaned up and into bed at a good time (he has a hard time doing this every now and then, but is getting better).

Today was a stressful day, I admit. I was very worried about the allergy results...actually, I was worried that there weren't going to be any results and I'd have to start from scratch to understand some of the dilemmas the gals are going through. As it turned out, they do have allergies. Both are allergic to dogs (don't worry we're not getting rid of Mr. Nelson...he'll be getting more baths, however). Lydia has rice, grass, bug (cockroach, thankfully we have none of those) and maple allergies. Now, I understand why she is grumpy and irritable (and very runny nosed). It's a huge relief and I now know what to do to protect her. Maples are everywhere and we'll have to give her medication for the pollen season (which is now). Poor kid.
Again, at least we know what to do and what effects her. Plus, Jon is going to have to ease on the rice stuff (he likes to make this a lot).

I thought for sure Norrie would break out for grass but nothing showed up. She's the one who swells up by just going by some plants in early Spring. I guess time will tell. They're recommending tonsil surgery for Lydia and I guess this will have to be done this summer some time. Jon had this done and they say the earlier the better for gals.

After this, I started making a bunch of stuff to eat...fruit shake and banana bread. It's funny, I had forgotten I had a food processor and pulled that out. I used those hand processors but always break them (broke 2 or 3 so far). The big processor is much more durable and crushed ice really well. I was surprised as I didn't think it could do that. I'm a bit embarrassed as I have kept it for about 8 years (it's a wedding gift) and never really used it till now. Boy, was I missing something (and saving my wrists from having to mix dough all the time). Plus, it's not that hard to wash (just rinse it off). There will be more baking at our house. Especially now that I'm working on my sponge for Sour Dough bread. I finally remembered to take that out and am waiting for it to turn bubbly. Then, I can start the bread...Norrie loves sour dough bread, so it's going to be exciting to see how this comes out. I hope it's all right.

Also, did some cleaning up of the studio. Lydia was crying for some reason and we ended up having to go upstairs. She was probably over tired as we went to Target after the allergy test (I promised them this) and used her birthday card at last (thank you, Becky!). Of course they got littlest pet shops. Norrie has been doing chores to earn a pet shop, so she was pleased to get one too. They are such sweet kids...sometimes crazy silly, but mostly sweet.

I've finished up another grant and need to proof it, make copies and get it ready to be mailed. There are 3 more that are nearly finished and I'm very excited as they would mean after-school art programs at the museum. I feel so hopeful but you never know what will happen...

Well, it has been a long, long day and sleep awaits. Tomorrow another day begins.


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