Cold rainy days...

I don't really care for cold days and today seems to have dropped to the 40's! It's cold and I'm worried about my seedlings. I think they'll be all right but in the meantime, maybe I'll make a plastic greenhouse for them.

In other news, I was surprised by the attitude of a person I have to deal with. I had made a mistake and when I tried to fix it, the person refused to forgive. I feel sorry for this person as I wonder if they've ever been forgiven or if someone has treated them really negatively in the past. I just wish they weren't so difficult to work with. I hope the best for them.

Anyway, I feel better now. I know making mistakes is part of life, and how we learn; this is part of how we become better people.

I have about 20 minutes before I have to pick up my gals. I feel like I wasted an afternoon trying to correct a situation and make peace with someone who'd rather not be apart of something good. I'd have preferred to work on some artwork. Fortunately, I did start working on a project I had hoped to finish by October earlier in the day, so at least I did this. I don't think it will be finished by October, but you never know.

I just realized I didn't have lunch yet and I guess I'll have a pj sandwich. Yesterday was Mother's day and I had quite a few wonderful people send me some salutations via blog and email. This made it a great day (also, my gals grew flowers for me and Jon surprised me with some fresh blooms too). All in all a good day (even though we worked).

I think I need to do some mini ACEO's; I must say they are good stress, it makes me happy. Of course, a chocolate bar would be a good thing too. :)


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