Time has changed for me, it seems. Fortunately, I'm flexible enough to move with the changes...that's one thing you learn to do as an artist and writer. I'm not one of those people blessed with getting things right the first time. I have to revise, revise and revise again. Surely, it gets easier by the 50th revision and you lose some of that feeling of "but I'm perfect! How can there be something to revise?" Just part of the whole growth thing, really.
Anyway, now that I've got my first grant under my belt, I'm working on several more and looking for sponsorship for the Children's museum. I was going to take a "high road" mentality and opt for being a purist in the sense of no corporations but really this is a naive mentality. It makes it all the harder to get what you want...and what we want are children to have some fun, play and maybe a little learning along the way. This is the real mission of the museum and I'm not about to let my feelings get in the way. There are so many organizations that do good works and I'm not going to judge too harshly if it makes a child's life a little happier.
Right now, I'm working on something like 4-5 new grants. 3 are due before June...not a problem now that I have 90% of the info to fill out the forms and the other 10% is writing out the reasons for the grant. It's amazing how these grants fill your head with dreams...you start dreaming of the potential and all that could happen with them...of course, if they are shot down, it feels like you lost a pet or something. Best not to think about it too long and move on to the next grant, I guess. The main thing is to learn how to write specifically for aid and what it will do for the community. I'm constantly amazed at how writing skills are so important...they really are especially for something like this.
I'm also amazed at the variety of opportunities there are for aid and money to be given to a non-profit. Let's just say, I'm learning and most of it is by a baptism in fire, as the old expression goes. This is mostly based on a few interesting personalities...but personalities are everywhere and I just need to remember this.
I had my last art class (the evening one) today. I was a little sad to see them go but they seemed to really like what I did...and this makes me feel like a millionaire. Honestly, when I hear students say things like "You're a very good teacher", I just want to cry. It's a very good feeling. It's funny because I really do think I am a good teacher, but there is always a question...am I really? Do I try hard enough? Am I working with my students in a way that is both uplifting, engaging and inspiring? These are the thoughts which come to me...and I hope this is expressed in the lessons.
On a very positive note, I have a potential Quilting bee that might happen at the museum. This may be a collaboration between two other moms and my self. We're discussing quilting and may be trying something bigger than a 24 by 12 inch surface for the quilt. I hope it comes to fruition as it would be fun and mentally stimulating to work with fellow moms. It's amazing the contacts/friends I'm making just from being with the museum.
It's funny, how I used to think, if I had a perfect job or just the right amount of money, I'd be set. I'd be able to do something...but all along it was about stepping out of my little bubble, my comfort zone and getting a few rejections...picking my self up again and trying, again and again. This is how you know something is meant to be, I guess...if you keep trying and don't give up and there is a combination of goodness about it, things will start to happen. It's almost like magic, in a way.
Anyway, enough of that. It's late and I'm still up...coffee late in the evening and now I feel like I can conquer the world...or at least right a grant to help fix a few things, that is! lol!


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