Busy day...

Did some chores today and then had time to drive around with a friend. We went to the art store and then Art4 gallery. It was a pleasant day and nice to talk to someone who has similar interests/life with kids. I don't get that too often (just hang out with another mom), so it was a treat.

The gals are winding down from school...we're going to DelGrosso's Park (water park/rides) and they keep thinking it's after school for some reason. Kids...I was hoping they'd have chicken at the park but I think it's only hotdogs. They had the best chicken I've ever had in terms of grilled (had this about 2 years ago)...very tasty from what I recall.

I've been having chicken cravings for some reason...it's terrible as I'm not much of a meat person in the first place. I actually wanted steak last week! I'm still surprised by that.

Looks like we're definitely going to do some gardening on Friday afternoon. I'm going to try and order some gravel and compost tomorrow and hopefully, they can deliver Friday. Otherwise, we'll have to make a few trips to the Maple Brook Nursery. Sometimes, it's annoying not to have the old SUV truck we had but such is living a bit lighter. Now, Jon wants to get a pick-up as we do quite a bit of hauling.

I'm very excited about tomorrow...for several reasons...mainly, because I may be getting two guinea pigs! I hope they are healthy and everything is well with them. Jon's going to pick them up and I'm so nervous as I don't get to see them till he gets home. He'll get them from State College (a woman was giving two away). They are albino and have the red eyes. Oddly, this was just like the very first guinea pig I had. Her name was Strawberry and I loved her very much. She was so sweet and smooth haired. I wonder if these will have smooth hair too. They are a mother and daughter pair. I wish we could get them tonight but as it is, I can wait till one more day...barely.

It was funny because the woman who is giving them away got them for her kids and they did't take care of them. I'm the opposite. I usually have pets because I just plain like them. :) I think there is something about having a kinship with animals that is special and unique. For me, it's also being closer to the Good of all...which I think most animals personify (that goodness without conditions).

When I saw my friend’s dog today, I admit I wished I had a big dog again. I have some very good memories of some kids I used to tutor and their Giant Schnauzers. It's funny because I used to be afraid of big dogs and now, I love them too.

So, I’m excited about the guinea pigs and I won’t count my chickens till their hatched. I’ve come too close to getting guinea pigs and have had it dashed away (either by being late in asking or not having the funds).

Now, I have to think about building a nice big cage (indoors) for them to play and live in. I’ve been researching this and have found a few sites that show really interesting arrangements for their cavies. The little girl in me is cheering with excitement at the thought of this. Sometimes, it’s good to listen to that kid!

Besides all the excitement of the guinea pigs, I need to get Mr. Nelson cleaned up for the summer. I know I’ll have to brush him out (again) before going to the dog cleaners as he has some awful tangles. Hopefully, I can do this soon…poor guy.

Well, I’ve got to turn in; can’t believe it’s already 11pm. I still need to get a CD together to submit for a local art show…I hope I can get it together for this one. The weather has certainly been strange lately…cold, then hot and then supposed to be a freeze tonight! Good grief.

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