Allergies and arrowheads

Kim Hambric art quilts
work at the museum.

Today was the big day in finding out about my gals and allergies. Looks like all signs point to yes. Poor kids. So, now I have to try out Claritin on my eldest and tomorrow is a actual test to see what it is that bothers them most. I hope it's not cats, dogs or too much dust. If it's mostly orchards and grasses, I'll be relieved. I have those and we can handle that.

Regardless of the results, there is a lot of dusting, cleaning and wiping things down as we have to be on top of this...and boy is it easy to slide into not dusting. I'm just glad they aren't allergic to peanut butter and a myriad of things like my nephew. Poor kid...can't even pet cats.

So, this was the stressor today. Plus, there is a recommended tonsil removal...yikes! I don't know...we'll have to see about that one. Who knew being a kid these days could be so tough. Jon has had his tonsils removed, but I've never had that done. I probably should but I seem to be responding well to the allergy shots (1 per week). Now, they even have drops instead. So, this might be the way for the gals.

I'm just REALLY glad things are getting taken care of in regards to knowing what's up with my kiddos. Also, my eldest being extremely left handed seems to part of why she was struggling with school. Makes sense, really. Her great-grandpa was a lefty (forced to use right hand), her grandma is left handed and grandpa is ambidextrous as is her cousin. No surprise to me. Fortunately, she's getting a lot of support and I'm learning more about left handedness as well.

On the home front, I'm rearranging furniture, cleaning out rooms and organizing. Time to remove all that winter hangover stuff...or at least store it for later. I'm thinking of a yard sale to get rid of some things and then the rest to the Salvation army.

I need a new light for my basement studio as my big florescent isn't working anymore. It's too dark to work and I end up dragging everything the place feels really messy in a sort of creative messy way...hehehe.

Supposed to have a thunder storm this evening and it feels like it. Dark gray sky, humid feeling to remember to bring Odie in. I totally forgot him the last storm and I think he was upset (I know I would be if I were a cockatiel).

Other very cool news, Lydia found a 1000 year old Arrowhead right outside our door stop. We couldn't believe it and kept staring at it and wondering what an amazing thing to see this. We put it in a display case used for such things (the kind for bugs and such). It looks really good and now we always check our step by the stoop...might be more arrowheads in there.

I think Norrie was a bit jealous she didn't find an arrowhead...but there are times when Lydia is jealous of Norrie. So, it goes back and forth. Good grief.

I feel a bit tired with all the emotional stuff of the allergy testing and stressed wondering what could be wrong. I'm very glad to know it's not something worse and we can control it.

Went to the library and got a few books on fundraising, grant writing and Robert's rules. Stuff to work on because I want to make the Quaint Corner Children's Museum grow by leaps and bonds.

I feel a little relieved, that my one art show is displayed at the library and it's a bit fun to see it there. I forgot it was up and was surprised when both my gals said, mommy, your work is on the wall! It was a nice moment in that they acknowledged my work. Felt very good. I even got to see the youth art displayed on the second floor. I wish had had my camera and would have shown her work here as well. It's important to encourage young artists but especially in the way of giving them skills in business as well.

Well, I'm starting to ramble and I need to take a break. I hope it rains after Jon gets home too. One of the hardest parts of Jon working in State College is I don't get to see him for 12 hours. I wish he would get one of the Penn State Altoona jobs he recently applied for. It would actually pay much better than what he gets now and be closer. Pray/send good thoughts for us...

Now, for my break...


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