Surviving the weekend...

What a weekend! Not only did I start my new position as director and curator of the Children's museum in Altoona but we also had my eldest daughters birthday. It was actually exciting once I had all the running around done (why do I always forget something and have to drive back to a store/home and get that something?). Anyway, I was a bit nervous meeting all the parents from my daughters class but otherwise had a good time. I guess I wasn't the only one who was quiet but it's such a comfortable place to sit and relax, I didn't feel the pressure to talk too much. I just hope everyone felt like they had a good time. I was really interested in finding out how some of the parents have memories from their childhood of the museum. This was so exciting to me and I wanted to write it down...I love hearing how people remember how certain rooms are, what appealed to them and the excitement of it all. Also, I found out there is a 4th level to the museum...sweetly called "Grandmother's Attic". Apparently, this is in the turret of the Queen Anne style building. I'm going to have to go up there one of these days (though, I'm a little's dusty and needs cleaning).

This weekend would have been just right however, Lydia got really, really sick. Basically, she got the little kid version of what I got a few weeks ago (fever, vomiting, diarrhea, aches, etc). Poor kid! Norrie isn't too hot but not throwing up, thankfully. So, I ended up staying home all day, cleaning, washing, laundry, etc,etc. Jon manned the museum and did a good job. Plus, he set up the office! I got a chance to get away when he came home and it looks pretty spiffy. I still am amazed at how much everything is changing.

Also, I've been looking through the various papers, stories written about the museum and so on. It just seems like there was a lot of thought and effort by various people to make something out of very little. I find it amazing, in some ways, how so much can change in about 100 plus years. Union Ave used to be a high-end of town in it's day and now, it's very rough around the edges. I'd say it just needs a good scoop of economic distribution. I have a lot of plans on how to change things and make this become not only a place for families to experience a bit of art/discovery, etc but a place that can be self supporting as well.

In other news, I have one small semi-realistic work being displayed at BCAF in downtown Altoona. I need to drop by and see how everything looks there. I also need to go by Procare and bring in some more work for the gym area as I promised to do this. With all that has been happening, I'm surprised I can even finish this blog! ha-ha! Believe me, it's all good because it's related to things I want to happen in regards to art. This is my passion and I must say the higher forces of life seem to be guiding me lately in the right directions. :) Now, if only I could get my car to stop acting up (probs with the transmission! Yikes!). I hope the car only needs some oil but I'm nervous about it all.

I have no idea how we'll get the gals down as Lydia took some naps from being sick and Norrie is just a highly wired kid. I have to admit they are so wonderful...I guess most kids are like that once they hit about 6 or so. I feel very blessed by them, even when I'm cleaning up vomit...well, most of the time.

I just hope I can find the source of what is causing everyone to get sick. Is it something in the house we forgot to clean? Maybe the car?? The museum? I don't know. So, I'm going to have to go and get a bottle of alcohol and sprits everything. This is the best way to kill most (if not all) germs. I'll do the house again, the car and then the museum. I have a suspicion it's the museum. I guess I'll find out tomorrow (if anyone was sick over the weekend from my daughter's class...I'll feel badly about this but at least I'll know part of the answer).

Anyway, I'm tired but pleased I got so much done and that Jon helped so much. I have some more work to do...I found some really cool black and white photographs of the museum and want to put them up on the web. There's only three but the feel of the photos have so much character.

I've got to start writing my ideas down about the museum as well as my art projects. I must say, having ideas really does give a person joy in life. Well, gotta go...the kids are a calling'.


Carolee said…
Congrats on the new job, Emily, and I hope you're all feeling better now. :)

~ Carolee
Holiday Queen said…
What a weekend indeed. Congratulations on your Director position! What a perfect place for your talents to shine!

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