Sunny days...

Things are a bit quietly chaotic (at least for the most part). I cannot believe all the things that happened yesterday, good, bad and ugly. Had a strange phone conversation with a person who basically blew up in my face (or ear, actually). I kept thinking of that old phrase by William Shakespeare...people killing the messenger. I just felt rotten after this. The scary thing is I had never met this individual in person and they just went bonkers. I ended up going to see her in person and she was still a bit off (her hand was visible shaking). I, of course, decided to take the high road and pacify the situation. Honestly, if someone feels that intensely stressed about their job, maybe they shouldn't be doing it. I still feel a bit sick from their reaction...

Once this was over, I was still a bit frustrated but at least the initial meeting was over and I could move on. I had to do some banking and decided to go inside. We were crossing the parking area when these college kids served right in front of us (nearly hitting my youngest daughter) and scooted into a parking spot. I was so shocked (and I confess, still upset about the before mentioned situation) that I went up to those two boys and shouted at them they should be ashamed, etc,etc. I don't think I've ever been so verbally loud in my life...and I've been known to have a bit of a temper when pushed too far. I guess this was as far as I was going that day. Anyway, they both seemed a bit ashamed but the passenger actually said, I should look where I'm going! They are so lucky I had my hands holding both my gals...and that I didn't have a brick! I'm still angry about this, obviously. I know it's Spring and warm but good God, drive safely.

So, after this, my hands shaking I got the bank stuff done and then as I was leaving, they left too...I memorized their license plate number, wrote it down and reported it once I got home. So, I feel a bit better about that. :) Again, people should be grateful I'm not a cop...I'd be one hell of a tough one, I tell yeah.

Both gals are at school and are taking a walking trip to the park. I went over and brought them hats/sun block...the only mom to do this, I guess. I should just donate a big bottle of sun block for all the kids, really. This might be a good practice to have as there is some nasty stuff with skin cancer (and it runs in our family).

Well, I had a great time at the museum with some kids and their mom. They are really sweet and the eldest is in my art class. I really love getting to know people...and esp. ones you can relate to.

Last night was the Spring concert for the school and both gals were in the show. I had a cute overload with my gals and really with all the kids. They just made me so happy. The songs were so great...esp. the Don't Smoke one. There was a bit of an uncomfortable moment, I think, as smoking is so prevalent around here. When the laws finally change, I think a lot of people will be happy and healthier for this.

Things are being done at the museum...I'm trying to get a few things worked out in the agreement part but otherwise, it's going well. I hope it's finished finally and we can focus attention on grants, spiffing up the place and reaching out to donors.

In other news, I'm doing more ACEO's. I'd like to eventually have more up by this weekend but will have to see as I've got a few other works on my list.

All in all, things are Rollin along. I was feeling stressed out but as Jon said, let it go and it will all work out. I did and feel 100 times better. It also helped that I did some walking and physically let go. My, oh my are there beautiful trees right now...blossoms and the baby leaves! Wonderful!

Hopefully, everyone is all right allergy wise. I'm ready for lunch and Nelson wants to be let in. :)


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