A storm rolls in...

I feel the weather changing and the pressure makes my fingers and joints really ache. I'll take something to ease that feeling as it feels painful right now. Thank goodness I went to yoga class and got some nice calming stretches for the wrists as well as the face. I feel a bit badly as I completely forgot time and Jon was late for a meeting. I need to get a watch with an alarm set in it...oh, my.

Today was a bit of a strange day...had to borrow my dad-in-laws car because my car is acting up, again. His gas tank is locked with a key and guess what I didn't have on my key ring. So, I had to drive back (gingerly, as I really, really didn't want to run out of gas on a hill) and get that from him. Then, I was off doing a bunch of errands, had another meeting/discussion for future plans of the museum and so on. In the mean time, I dropped off my gal to her second day of pre-k and it went wonderfully.

After all of that was said and down, the weather was so beautiful (before the storm clouds rolled in) I did some Spring cleaning and raking. I was a bit shocked at how much trash was on my neighbors side...and disgusted. But I raked it all up and it looks good. I could go into a nice little rant about what my neighbors threw into our side of the yard, but the thought of it's not in the best taste. My other neighbor is sort of acting a bit strange as well and keeps chopping up the poor rose bush that is on the dividing line. It bothers me to a certain extent because he never talks to me about it and just does whatever he pleases. This is just rude in my book...you just don't do whatever you like because you feel like it needs to be done. Strange and very obsessive behavior on his part. I don't know maybe he thinks he's doing me a favor? I don't know. These are the same people that spray poison on dandelions (and I know he sneaks sprays on my yard as well...which I don't like). The strange thing is I talked to his wife and she acted like she knew nothing about this. Very odd, if you ask me. I sometimes get the feeling people are a bit jealous of the space we have (it's very open up and I plan to add more gardens, actually). Their yard is small and used for their at-home business (daycare). This seems to always happen, every Spring. I guess some people are bit psycho about being out in good weather. I just hope they aren't trying to widen their driveway onto my yard...we'll put up some posts and fencing if this is what their trying to do because this is our yard, after all. They have one of those awful gravel drives and that stuff sprays all over the lawn and is a nuisance.

Sometimes I forget how nice and quiet it is during winter...your neighbors have to close their windows when they're practicing their "music" and the other side is blinded by snow, so nobody really cares where the line of property is. My dad-in-law would let most of this slide (supposedly. He's the one complaining about the cat feeding neighbor). I guess it's officially Spring when your neighbors are being annoying again!

Anyway, the kids are down, Jon's at his meeting, Kiwi (our cat) is warming my wrists as I type) and Nelson got in the garbage earlier and made a mess. I yelled at him and even though he acted ashamed, he seemed a little too pleased. I punished him by having him wear his leash and be tethered in the kitchen. Haven't done that in ages. I got some good tips from my friend on how to take out matt’s and I'm anxious to try this...I got all of the matt’s out of his fringe but have to work on his legs next. Oh, Nelson is so stinky but I don't even want to try washing him till I got some small scissors to cut out the matt’s.

All the cats are shedding and this is hair ball season. Otherwise, they're doing well. I have a long haired cat, Autumn, and she loves being brushed. So, I'll probably do that tonight. Thankfully, Jon remembered to bring Odie (our cockatiel) in. I brought him outside for the first time since November 2007! It was humid and warm enough for him.

It's a short week at school...and Friday is hoagie pick up, open the museum and maybe some yoga, again. I hope my eldest will want to try yoga. She confuses hoagie and yoga, which is just so funny! We'll see...

I'm so happy my youngest likes pre-k! This was a blessing to me. She cried a little today when we dropped off Lydia but I told her drop off time wasn't until later and she felt better. Then, just before lunch she was like "I want to go to school, now!" I love it! :)

Lydia seems to feel happy she's the big sister and can show Norrie the ropes. She's doing much better in school...all it took was a little more time and making learning fun. I still think there is too much pressure on kids these days when this pressure should be applied to our leaders in government for change that is immediate for basic things like healthcare, a living wage and so on. Believe me, if these things were taken care of, we'd not only have better schools and happier families but we'd have schools that we're really about education, rather than test scores and forcing kids to hurry up and learn this list of things by the time you're 6. The German word Kindergarten literally means "Children's Garden". It was meant to be "a form of education for young children which serves as a transition from home to the commencement of more formal schooling. Children are taught to develop basic skills through creative play and social interaction." Nothing about test scores here...It's a pity because why is it so important to learn to read by the time you're 5? Honestly, it just makes a child feel poorly about themselves if they can't master this when they're really not supposed to at this time, anyway. Who are we comparing the kids to? And shouldn't this be about progressing at our own pace, rather than the pace of some made up standard?

We bloom in our own time and our own ways. We grow when we're not pushed and watched like pieces of dough on a cookie sheet. People aren't switched on by pushing a button. I know my daughter and I know she will do very well with the right setting and patience. Change doesn't happen over night. Don't teachers and school boards read the books they recommend? Things like Leo the Late Bloomer by Robert Kraus is a perfect example of this...

Well, enough of my rants... It's late and I want to get a bowl of cereal and zone out for a bit. I recently got a copy of a Martha Stewart magazine and it was so pretty with various plant arrangements. I love being inspired by nature and Martha does such a nice job. Good night or should you read this in the morning, Good morning!


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