Set up for the art class

Set up for the art class, originally uploaded by emily999.

My first art class went off very well...the kids are a bit older and more mature (thankfully). They seemed really excited and this in itself makes me thrilled. I love seeing the enjoyment of learning new things in people's faces. Just makes me feel good.

I set up early and got all the art supplies out and ready to go. I used masonite boards as clip boards. If I had bought 1 from the art store it would have cost $14 each and a smaller surface! I buy masonite sheets at a hardware, they cut it up for me and the whole thing is about $8-9 and I get 6 pieces with bigger surface area to work on!

I may have the kids help clean up as it took me an extra hour to get done (but this was partially due to all the chairs from the previous party as well as cleaning up the floor. I LOVE teaching art classes. It is so much fun. :)


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