Rainy days and Fridays don't get me down...

Well, we made it to the end of the week. Tomorrow is Saturday, a birthday for one of my special gals and then I can relax (somewhat). We just got back after going to the Museum twice (cleaned the floors, put out supplies, etc. The second time, I brought party stuff and we decorated. Jon's folks dropped by and helped with that and then we got it all organized...I must say, it looks good).

My feet are killing me but I know we did a good job. I also did yoga twice this week and it was a blast. I like our instructor and it's very relaxing at the same time, working those muscles that need attention. After yoga today, I had to run over to Hollidaysburg and get a part for the SUV and then pick up the rest of my art from St. Drogo's. Norrie and I dropped by Wendy's for lunch. Then we went to Ollie’s for a B-day present for Lydia and new sheets for the gals beds. All in all, a good day even if I am beat.

It's funny, I had a completely different post ready to go but ended up chucking most of it. I feel better now that I got a little help for getting everything organized and I'm not left in the lurch getting things done. Phew!

This is a photo of the same farm scene I took back in the winter. It was so desolate and cold looking...now there is a bit of hope! Yes, Spring has returned!


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