Power out.

Finally, the lights are back on. We had 8 hours of power out from about 4:30 pm to 12:30 am. It's almost 1 am right now and I'm going back to bed in a few minutes. The number one thing I realized from this power outage is A. we have very few candles and flashlights B. Our house looks really messy when looking around for candles and such.

I was too tired to do anything with the little candle light we did have and we ended up going to sleep. This outage was most definitely from thunder strikes as I saw a few transformers hit by lightening. It was pretty scary. The gals and I were under blankets most of the time being on the 2nd floor and listening to the cracks and so forth above us. The gals still remember when I used to tell them stories about cloud kittens bowling on the clouds above and that's what makes the lightening/thunder. They've incorporated flying pigs for some reason (I guess from that saying "When pigs fly"). Pretty funny. But I was concerned as this was the most lightening in awhile for this area. Just glad there wasn't any homes hit.

This was a long day...we got up early and went hiking before going to the museum. We did this for about an hour and were so muddy, we dropped Jon off and he did museum stuff for a bit. The gals were a bit tired from the hike and finally I got them going about noon. Then, they started to have a melt down and I took them home about 4 pm. We were so hot, we drove over to the dollar store and got new water sprayers. The clouds above us were huge, dark and seemed right on top of us. We had about 10 minutes of spraying each other and suddenly, it was pouring down rain. Beautiful, filled with power and a bit frightening.

We went back to pick up Jon, lightening and rain falling and about 5 minutes after this, it stopped. The sun came out, the sky showed blue and white. We drove over to get a spaghetti dinner from the Masonic club (my in-laws are on the Hollidaysburg Chorus and they are fund raising). Drove back, stuffed ourselves and fell asleep for a bit. I dozed off staring at the blue sky from my window and loving the shapes the clouds were taking on. Nice relaxing (if but for the power being out) afternoon. Now, back to bed for some more sleep.


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