On grooming a dog...

I decided to give Mr. Nelson a trim. I finally got one of those dog grooming shaver things and pulled it out today. I thought I'd work on his hair for about 15 minutes (I have a small setup in the basement (just the dryer and a table). So, I plopped him up there and after reading the directions, started. Before I knew it, I was covered in dog hair...dog hair was floating all over the laundry area and half and hour had passed. I had to stop and run down to pick up the kids. This was the 1st half hour of grooming. He sort of looked a little like a lion/poodle face...and very tube like.

The second round, I went down there and worked on the "mane" around his neck and evening out the puff of his body. I noticed he's very, very sensitive to his hind end. He flinches and squirms...I'm almost certain he was treated poorly at the groomers (even if an animal has mattes, they shouldn't make the critter have psychological problems). I did a lot of positive reinforcement, cooing and just all around doggie petting. He seemed to feel a bit better.

I still have to do the underside and I'm seriously thinking of sedating him as he is very upset if I even go in that general area. I'm very surprised by this...he actually growls and leaps up like I'm going to pinch him or something. Until I get something from the vet, I'll just ease him in with gentle talking and comforting. He really is skittish about this. Otherwise, he's looking groomed and not so puffball like (though I do like him like that. It was just getting to warm for the little fellow).


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