New beginnings...

After a few bumps and confusion in protocol, things are going well with the museum. We had a conversation with the owners of the Quaint Corner building and were able to establsih some new aspects of the contract. It helps set a standard for the board to maintain to (hopefully) and gives clear understanding of what is expected.

My only concern is there seems to be quite a few members on the board that haven't been at the museum to help. At least when I'm there. I find this frustrating as I would like to meet them in person, talk to them and even sit down, eat, and brainstorm. Fortunately, there are a few new possible additions and this is going to be one heck of board group that will give more punch as well as strength to our cause. I'm very excited!

The next board meeting is in May. I'm going to request we have a meeting once a month from then on to keep track of everything, help the organization grow and really establish itself and so much more.

In other news, the weather was so fickle yesterday...humid, hot, and I started to feel achy and stuffy again. We ended up putting an air conditioner in one window as I couldn't breath comfortably. This was annoying. The air helped, so that took away the stuffy feeling.

Jon's folks are still in Boston helping my sis-in-law out. Apparently, she got a cold and needed some help with the kids. Her husband works two jobs, right now. It's a tough time, really. I wish they'd just move over here and they'd have a lot more help and so on. But I guess that's impossible because of housing prices.

Anyway, the weather is now rainy and damp outside. I threw some old tortillas under the bird feeder the other day and when I looked out, there were 3 rabbits nibbling on them! It looked so idealic with rabbits and little sparrows eating away under the bird feeder with a balcony of fresh lilac leaves above them. So very sweet and charming.

I can see why poets were so enamored of Spring. It was not just new life emerging but having gone through a long winter and experencing that ache of cold in your very bones. I've started to read "The Long Winter" by Laura Ingalls Wilder...I guess that why I'm thinking about this. This also makes the humidity much more appreciated than the cold!

My gals had a Spring concert and here are some of their pics:


Carolee said…
Your girls are just adorable, Emily! And good luck with the Museum - what a wonderful endeavor. :)

~ Carolee
Oh I just love the photo of your girls in their spring dresses. I bet they had fun picking those out. I bet their concert was heavenly!
Emily said…
Thank you, Carolee and Melissa! :)

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