Mythical Turtle

I just read this story about a turtle that was thought to be extinct and was discovered in a lake in Vietnam. There are 3 in captivity but it was incredible to see this one in the wild. Apparently, the legend in the area is to see this turtle one is blessed. I liked this so much...I hope it applies to photos too! :)

We love turtles over at my place. I've told my gals about our adopted tortoises I had as a kid growing up. Both were named Mr. T (partly for the A-team show and Mr. Turtle (by my youngest brother). I'd eventually like to have one again, but for now, I'm content seeing them swim by in a creek... I am starting to feel like having a guinea pig (or 3 as they are herd animals. So cute!). :)

I dropped by the museum and got everything ready for the yoga class...I probably should be there right now, but I'm tired. I'm still getting my allergies under control and being up so early, means, I need a nap! The best thing about the museum is both my gals love it. They are happy and so is Jon. I hope people feel this vibe and want to be a part of it as well.


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Hi Emily!

Naps are one of my favorite hobbies! LOL '-)


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