It is the growing season...

Things are growing and buds are blooming everywhere. We walked under a magnolia tree (I'm pretty sure that's what it was) and another pink blossomed tree (maybe cherry?) by my daughter's school. I forgot the camera again. I’ve really got to stop doing that...I'm going to go back there and get a few more shots. It's one of those gorgeous days where the sun is shining and it's after a storm has passed by cooling the air while leaving a clean crisp feel. Yesterday was a bit humid and we ended up staying inside for a bit after school.

The gals and I made a little sketch of pet shops and then enlarged it to make a pattern and cut them out of felt. Lydia took hers to school and might give her little duck quilt to her teacher. I didn't get a chance to photograph it yet, so I was a little disappointed. But that's all right, we’ll be doing more of this. I still have Norrie's (mind you, I helped her a lot).

Anyway, yesterday was a busy with me doing some clean up at the museum as some of the volunteers like to visit and just leave a mess (of course, it's one of the guys). Still, this is not an excuse. I really hate it when women (and I do this too) say, oh, it's a guy thing.'s a learned from a very early age thing. Believe me, guys can clean up just as well as gals if they have been shown how.

So, I spent about an hour doing this. Then, I got home and plunged into a grant I'm working on. I've got 90% of it written out and just need a few other bits and it will be done. This will really help the museum especially giving older kids a chance to feel included as well as grown-ups in the community.

I have a lot to do for my art show at the local library but I think I'll be all right. I just feel a bit tired and lazy right now. :) Norrie wants to go on a bug hunt and I really don't want to but I will anyway. It must be the cooler weather today that's making me sluggish.

I think I'll dig around the compost heap (needs to be turned anyway) and look for bugs, get some soil for the garden plot and feed two nuts to one squirrel. ;) Looks like the coffee is starting to kick in too. lol!


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