Feels like Spring/Summer...

Today was a warm day, at last! It's humid as well and thankfully I'm borrowing my dad-in-laws car which has air conditioning or who knows how I'd feel! We did quite a bit today...opened up the museum for a play date day, did yoga (Lydia joined in!) and then had lunch. We went over to the park and the girls burned off so much energy we all took naps when we got home. I think it was mostly from the weather being so different. It's rained off and on. I'm a bit achy but not too bad.

I'm thinking of extending the hours on Friday for the museum as I think it would be something nice to do in the early afternoon. I also have some ideas for advertising and so on.

I finally got some artwork up on ebay. Lots of Guinea pigs, rabbits and cats! I've been meaning to share these but haven't had the time. But they're up at last.

Oh, and the plants are starting to bloom! Forthisia, tulips, daffodils, blossoms, and leaves are all coming back on these skeletal trees. Spring is here and soon I'll most likely start complaining about allergies but what a visual treat to see life emerge after this long winter. I see why the birds sing in delight, the rabbits frolic in joy and why the mud stained animals at farms still feel joyful with the turn of seasons.


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