Just one of those days...Tuesdays are getting easier but it's still hectic as the gals have to go from point A (school) to point B (museum) within a small time frame. It was my fault as I timed it to be too close in terms of driving. I always think I have wings instead of wheels. Next time, I plan for events in this matter, I'll make sure to do it at 3:30 pm to ease into a more relaxed schedule.

As it is, Tuesday is over and I can focus on a little clean-up on Wednesday for the museum. I'm starting to get some volunteers, which is really wonderful. I even have a whole girls scout troop coming hopefully soon and we can really give the museum a scrubbing. I guess that's what I feel right now, an intense Spring Cleaning needs to be done there.

I must say it's a great feeling to be teaching art classes again. What's more, I've got a few moms who are interested as well. I love this. If I can inspire people to try new things and reach for new goals, this is what it's all about in teaching people. It's a good feeling to say the least.

Other good things, slowly but surely, the world is turning that beautiful yellow green of fresh sprouts and new leaves. It always amazes me when this happens. I know a little about the science behind it and the reasons why but it still feels like a miracle to me, every time.

Spring anew
Life renewed and gentle is the breeze flowing,
flowing touched by the calling trills of birds
I know not what but still, so familiar so reassuring.

Life and light and newness growing.
Here a bud and there a leaf and slowly,
slowly they do reach towards that beautiful buoyant blooming.

Gentle is the rain that falls, warm and cool and nourishing all.
The leaves they bend to this musical call and I and we,
we wait, listening to the pat, pat pat upon our carriage wall.

E. Gottshall


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