This weekend was interesting...got to find out some info on various people's pov's as well as meet Tony Barr (a local politician who is running against Shuster). They rented party space for their child's birthday. It was really neat to have them and I hope more local officials come and see the museum. I should have taken some pictures but was helping set up an art display for an artist I'm working with, Sam Dietz. His work really adds atmosphere and looks wonderful. He does landscapes with an impressionistic feel.

I love that the museum is getting the attention it deserves and is truly becoming a community meeting place. I'm excited about the possibilities but aware that we have a lot to do. However, I'm up to a challenge and I know with a strong base of team players we'll do well.

My art classes are going well. I've been enjoying working with primarily kids who are home schooled and I'm glad to be around these groups. It's funny how regardless of where you are, there is always some sort of something to be worked out and balanced. I'm thinking of how we have had Lydia going to private school...I wonder what everything would have been like if we had stuck with homeschooling or had done public schools? I guess it doesn't really matter to second guess these things but to keep going on and learn what works best for us. If I had another one of me, I'd totally do homeschooling but as it is, this doesn't seem to be (at the moment). I can't believe Lydia will be graduating K in May.

I have an art show coming up in May, speaking of which, but I don't know if I'll be able to make the deadline. I had to put ProCare (I promised to bring more pieces to show in the actually gym) to the side as A. my car seems to be headed for that great car dump in the sky (wah!!) B. the smaller car I'm borrowing is REALLY smaller and I don't know if I can carry half of the work up there. C. I'm adjusting to the work at the museum. I hope I can put a few pieces together tomorrow. If I can do 5, I know I'll be able to get more up by the end of April. Plus, there is another show to enter...oi! What a lot of things but again, all very good art related things.

Plus, I got sick half way in-between, then the gals got sick and now, Jon is sick. Thankfully, we had a volunteer come and watch the museum for us as I was going to have it closed because I had to watch the kids and Jon. Fortunately, he seems to be better...though, still not 100%. It will pass. This has got to be the worst flu bug in awhile and it seems like everyone has got it.

My mom and dad-in-law are heading out of town to help my sis-in-law as she's down (has a cold or something) and needs help with the kids. Hopefully, it's nothing serious.

Tuesday seems to be my most compact day...I've got several art classes going, a homeschool group coming and a quilt artist, as well, to look at the space and maybe provide some examples.

Oh, and the weather has dropped into the late 30's early 40's and I feel achy all over again. Fortunately, there was a bit of warmth and in those days buds started to pop and various plants got greener. This helps me mentally to see all that green coming. I still haven't planted my garden as I want to get more topsoil and this is a bit discouraging. But it will happen soon enough.

I don't know how anyone with more than 2 kids does it. I know some people with 3 and some even with 8 and I'm thinking, how, how do they do it? The good thing is there are lulls and quiet moments; that makes all the difference. Plus, the occasional nap is a good thing.

I'm so excited about Summer and just being with my gals while working at the museum. I feel like so many good things are happening and I'm very glad there is this opportunity to do work like this.

Oh and mom, if you read this, we got the package of goodies for Lydia and Norrie. They love their dolls and new outfits for the red haired dolls too! The mini-wooden bowling set was a great idea and perfect for table play.

Well, good night everyone.

If we had no winter, the spring would not be so pleasant. If we did not sometimes taste of adversity, prosperity would not be so welcome.
Anne Bradstreet (1612?-1672) US poet


Kim Hambric said…
Emily, I have only one child & I'm not too sure how I do it. If you find a way to clone yourself, please let me know. I will see you Tuesday! Looking forward to meeting you and checking out the Quaint Corner.
Emily said…
I'm looking forward to seeing you later today as well, Kim!


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