I've written sick in the title of many a blog but this last title doesn't even start to convey the icks in with this sick. For the past 3 days I've had a temp of a 102, hovering there abouts. I still feel blah and just out of it, really. This is the first time in several days I felt well enough to sit for more than 10 minutes at the computer and believe me, it's not that easy right now.

Apparently, I have a flu with a high grade basically, rides on the weakened state of an individual who has had a cold. The good thing is, I seem to be on the mend even with a feeling of queasiness. The best part of feeling better is I'm starting to feel normal without the fever. That was the most uncomfortable part...I don't think I've felt that bad in a long, long time. Right now, I feel like my sides have been punched in and my back was karate chopped by the sheets. Yes, crazy but that's how I feel.

I'm just glad to have things moving in the right direction and can finally eat a few bits of food again. Sorry to go on about this...just felt like venting about my woes.

Oddly, I knew I was starting to feel better when I had dreams about various foods. I have had no desire for anything but suddenly, I wanted to have Mexican food. Maybe in a few more days...

Thank god, Jon's parents were close by and not busy. They helped with the kids and I felt bad I wasn't there mentally for them. I was just out of it.

In other news, good things are happening via art. I'm going to be featured in this ACEO magazine! I'm really excited about this! I think in all I've done over a 1000 ACEO's in the last couple of years. I love making them and it feels like a wonderful tradition in miniature art.


Designs by CK said…
Hi Emily ~ Feel better soon! Congrats on the ACEO magazine feature...I will be featured soon too! :)

Chris :)
Emily said…
Thanks, Chris~ I'm on the up and up...

Glad to hear you're going to be featured too! :) I'm so glad Suzanne shared this site with us!
Designs by CK said…
Emily ~ Hope you and your family have a much BLESSED Easter!

PS: Thanx on mine!

Chris :-D)
Designs by CK said…
Emily ~ I have got exactly what you had...I am going on day 4...I am ready for this to be over...AWFUL!!!

PS: Come on dreams of Mexican food!!!

Emily said…
Oh, poor Chris! I hope you feel better soon...imodium helped me near the end of all of this. Drink your ginger ale, and I found soda water (light lemon flavoring) went down nicely. The good thing to know is you can survive this!

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