Well, my cold is making the journey between the gals now...eldest had a fever a few days and then the sniffles/cold symptoms. The youngest had a fever yesterday and I'm guessing the cold stuff is happening soon.

I'm tired. Having both gals home is just very exhausting. I have, what feels like, a trillion things to do (not really, but I feel sore and achy...did yoga last night and boy you've got to watch out for that...really gets you if you're not used to it). When your body is protesting for whatever reason, it just feels 50% harder to do anything.

I forgot to buy butter, coffee and a few other things at the market and just can't get there with two sick kids. So, I'll have to wait. Supposed to met with a volunteer but the kids are sick and honestly, I won't be able to do much with all of this happening...

Other things I have to do today: get my art from the medical center (as I was too good in spreading the word about showing work and now there is a pile up of artists that want to show! lol), mail out the payment for my art submission, and start organizing for the art classes next week. Tomorrow I'm meeting with another person to show my work at her business and after this things should be kind of calmed down. Saturday might have to be shopping day for art supplies and someone's birthday present. Then, I have to get everything ready for the B-day on Saturday, after school art classes, pick-up my work from the library, and drop off one small painting at the BCAF. So, I'm thinking what in the world have I done all of the sudden? I sure am busy...but in a very good way.

I just wish I didn't have sinus pressure and I had more chocolate in the house. If I had butter, I'd bake some cookies to warm things up a's rainy/wet outside but cold rain which "bites" the skin as an elderly client once said about how some clothes feel on her. I wanted to plant some seeds but I'm shuddering just looking at the damp sky/ground. Yesterday would have been good for this but I just didn't get around to doing anything but pull out some dead plants/grass.

I'm so excited about planting otherwise. I hope my seeds will take and I wish I could order a hundred pounds of top soil...but that's not likely. Oh, well...I'll do the best I can.

Jon wants to go to see Barack Obama in State College on Sunday. We'll see how everyone is feeling...I still can't believe he's going to be here. Clinton, Bill Clinton, is going to be there (or was) and it's just amazing how these people are here. If I even catch a glimpse of Obama, I might start crying. Oh, I know I'll do that even before I get there...! I remember when Jon and I went to the Kerry/Edwards rally in Johnstown...I just felt this overwhelming feeling of energy and excitement. This time, it feels more like joy...I don't think that one person in particular can make such a difference but I do believe with a few great leaders, we can make inspire change that will benefit the majority of people.

Anyway, it's an exciting time and even if we don't get to go, that's all right...though, I surely will want to. The good thing is if we do go, we'll go to this great Vietnamese restaurant that has really good Spring rolls. I wish I could make them as good as they do! Plus, I'll get some good beef soup (nearly the only time I have beef).

Well, now that I'm hungry, I may as well go and have some lunch. The gals have passed out for a nap and I'm going to have to cancel with my volunteer. I feel bad but it's just not a good day. Tea with toasted pj sandwich sounds good....

Oh, and the title is room because I need room to get all this art stuff done, plant my gardens, and spin around abit so I can get things done without stepping on a kid, cat or dog. Just one of those days...At least I found the rest of the garden supplies. Phew.


Carolee said…
Sorry you're feeling under the weather, Emily! Get some rest, drink some tea, and think of happier times ahead (after the general election, hehe!)

~ Carolee
Emily said…
Thanks, Carolee! I'm feeling much better...and yes, happier times are happening! :)

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