Rabbits in the yard...

Lately, I've been seeing a lot of rabbits in the yard and over by the compost pile. We haven't been doing too much composting...sort of slacked over the winter but did add some tidbits to it last night. So, the rabbits are happy and doing their wild rabbit dances by moonlight. I love watching them, really. They are just adorable and make me so happy to see (except if they eat my garden plants, then I start feeling like the farmer in Peter Rabbit...only a little bit...never to the point of rabbit pie!).

It still amazes me to see the rabbits and bunnies. In California, you just don't have rabbits wandering everywhere... there are hardly any animals in the city. I do remember one time a small pack of coyotes running through our yard. That was pretty amazing. It was just about dusk as the pack quietly leaped in and out of the ivy patch, briefly glided along the lawn and back into some brush, and disappearing from sight into the blue shadows. They seemed other worldly, a trace of another time and here I was watching them from our decrepit house window. I feel like that when I see a group of rabbits or the chance of deer sightings. It's just amazing that some things are still wild in this world of time management.

My husband, Jon, was telling us about a friend of his who does some hunting, at dinner the other night. He was in one of those tree posts, don't know what they're called, for hunting from above. He had been sitting there for a few hours when a huge owl flew down and sat right next to him. The guy tried to shoo it away but the owl sat on. The owl looked at him and he at the owl. They sat like that for about a half hour and then, the owl flew off. We all thought about this and Jon's dad said, maybe it was someone's pet looking to be fed. And we thought that could be...or else it thought the hunter was food or part of a tree. Someone said it was God come down to sit with the hunter...I sort of liked that. Maybe God was speaking to the hunter, not to harm his creatures. Or maybe not. Course, maybe the owl thought the man was a tree spirit, so who knows!

It seems like Spring is easing herself in, slowly, slowly and the animals are awakening. Saw a chippie emerge from it's den, mourning doves, cardinals, robins, sparrows are coming out and the Junco is saying good-bye as they love the cold and migrate to colder areas during the Spring.

Now, I feel like a Beatles song....


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