New art on eBay & Tired...

First thing:
New art on eBay! Got some new pieces up:

I'm beat...did our volunteer work today at the Children's museum and must have done about 7 hours. I worked with another volunteer and she seemed to be excited in helping me do some mural work. So, this is great! I'm going to have to get the rest of the mural sketched out so I can have her help paint. Now, I wish I had Jon help me so I'll know what to watch out for and how to help. But she seems like a good listener...that's one of the things that makes for good volunteers. Also, that they actually do the work, obviously.

There was a big party at the museum as well as a bunch of people coming in. The weather is still way too cold and it's a nice respite for many families to come over and hang out. All in all good stuff.

I worked on the mural for the hallway from the art studio and I did an impromptu mural in the bug room. I'm going to have to get more paint soon as I'm getting low and will get that reimbursed, etc.

After everyone left, Jon and I did a huge sweep up...swept nearly every room and the steps as they needed it and just cleaned as much as possible as well as emptied the trash. It's amazing how you get used to climbing 4 flights of stairs...of course, now I'm tired. Lydia has a charlie horse and I'm helping her learn to stretch it out.

I'm still annoyed by her sister, who is one of the best kindergarten teachers in her area, gave me SO much help after I wrote her a sob letter. She gave me a wonderful site called where kids can go to learn basic phonics as well as blending of words. Lydia loves it. It's a free site as well...and she recommended Leap frog (which I didn't really know what it was about...basically, all the stuff they try to teach in wonder some kids are ahead). She's going to send me some stuff soon. It pays to have a sis in the field you need some attention too. I just feel like I got a huge blessing just from sharing my concerns. I'm also amazed at my friends on-line who have helped me (more than many could realize) in understanding these life dilemmas. I just wish I had had them when I was younger as well...I really feel like there is a desire in most people to do good works and to be kind.


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