A great Monday!

Well, my wrists are sore but that could only mean I've been painting again. Went to the Children's Museum and did an hour or two work on the mural. Great fun and so glad I can finally have time to do this as I've been sick and as have the kids. Nice to get something accomplished again.

Other news, I'm selling $1 chances with the local ACCS for a beautiful framed print of St. Therese (valued at $75). If interested contact Fran at (814) 944-1250. I will ship through the US and Internationally. Shipping is free. :) Please tell your friends and you can get a chance for this lovely image of St. Therese of the Child Jesus.

I feel especially good today as it's sunny and actually warm! The snows are supposed to start melting and the Spring thaws are nearly upon us. Amazing! I feel like good things are starting to grow and soon we'll have changes that make the world we live in much happier and peaceful.

Mountains Melting

by Don Rehling

Over here in Denver
Where the Plains surrender

Fragile blooms of yellow and white
Are stepping out, into sunlight

Playing odds that winter’s dead
To volunteer a flower bed

Weeds and grass are in a rush
To make it coarse or make it plush

Mother Earth’s mountain breast
Melt and milk the magpie nest

The swelling banks once panned for metals
Now have skiers that switched to pedals.

Over all the mountains sing
Winter’s over – welcome Spring.


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