I just finished reading "Christy" by Catherine Marshall. I have not read a more beautiful book in a very long time...it is a mix of realism and spirituality based in the actions of good works. I must say I cried so much at the end because it was like poetry at it's best. Anyone who reads this will want to walk in the Tennessee hills and mountains, see the depictions of nature for them selves and have a bit of understanding to what life is like for those of us in need.

I have no idea of other Marshall books are as eloquent and intelligently written, but I hope so. I'd almost say this book has a very Unitarian principle to it...I recommend it to everyone...I still am amazed by the depictions of the seasons as well as the feeling of joy we get from being with loved ones.


Today was a productive day. I believe it was about two days ago, we pulled down the show at Blair Medical and today we have a new place to show my work. It's at Procare in the Physical Therapy department. I must say I am pleased with how Jon and I hung everything. We work really well together and very fast (now that we've had a few places to show my work, we've gotten much better with communicating). I think I have about 15 paintings there and they look great. I forgot my camera but I'm picking up more work from the cafe in Hollidaysburg and am going back tomorrow. I want to create a 4 piece painting...but I have no idea if I'd have it ready by tomorrow...There is so much wall space it would take a life time to fill the walls. Of course, I love it! :) And I'm very glad with the response I've gotten so far.

We also got a few things ready for Lydia's B-day party next week. This is a relief as I hate waiting to the last minute. I have to get some supplies for the art classes this coming week, as well. I have some excellent news...looks like I'm going to be the new director for the Quaint Corner Children's Museum. Jon is my assistant but I may have more than one. I'm very excited and have wanted to write about this for awhile but have had to wait for confirmation. I have a good feeling about this...and I have a feeling it will be a lot of work but work I can believe in with a passion. If there is one thing I know, I want this to be a safe place for children and teens to go and express themselves through art and I believe this is the start of such an organization.

So many good things are happening and though there are setbacks and of course, it's the rising up from being hit by whatever it is, and going on. I believe strength is not from being idle and sitting in despair but from action, perseverance and working with others.

My mom once told me, when I was a little girl and some kids had teased me for whatever reason, that I was the example. I was the leader to show them by how I acted, how to act and behave. I've forgotten this on occasion but I hope I can bring those words to life now with the Children's Museum.

Just finished another article on a fine artist in the Altoona area for the Art Cafe blog I write at the local paper, Altoona Mirror. I love this as I get to interview area artists, get information first hand and basically, be a part of something (art) which I believe in.

There is so much to do and I’ve really got to get going. I’m not going to fret, however, as it seems things have a way of working themselves out with just a few nudges here and there or a good couple hours of laborious gardening. Lol!


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