Better and better...

Starting to feel like my old self again. Phew! Talk about an annoying cold/flu...I don't think I've been that sick, ever or if I was it was less time and because of food poisoning (about 6 years ago, Jon and I drove up to PA from CA to visit Colorado Jon was hit by the worse vomiting ever. We spent an extra 2 days there. Then, I got the same thing in Nebraska. All because of Wendy's take-out (we had salads). Oh, that was horrible. Then, in Colorado I didn't know it got so hot and we accidentally left a soda can in the car. It burst and there was a layer of soda on everything! That was a bad time. When we got to PA, we were fine. However, we did get stuck on the world's oldest roller coaster and Jon, his dad and sister had to walk down from 50 feet! I couldn't budge and they finally managed to push us over the ridge and I rode it with my eyes shut. Oh, that was just not fun...).

Anyway, I've been sick but am getting better. I've had the strangest dreams while sick, I must say. The first batch was pretty good actually...lots of positive things about arts and classes. So, at least I know I'm upbeat in my sleep. Then, I had a nightmare last night about my family and wanted to protect them. I guess I dream about that a lot, I admit. It was about our old house and my mom, dad and the rest of the family combined.

Today, I feel good as if things are getting back in order and more organized. It feels good to feel like my old self but fine tuned as well. I don't feel like I'm behind or have forgotten anything (I hope!). I submitted some work to a local show over here and this year they're accepting CD's! I was thrilled...slides are nice but very costly for me and a CD is easy to burn and set up. This was a huge relief.

Now, I have to organize Lydia's B-day party...I wanted to have it all done by last week but was overwhelmed by the flu. So, I have to catch up on that...mostly it's decorating, party favors for the kids, a few games I have in mind (I have this really neat 1950's birthday game booklet and I'm going to try a few with the kids), and eating utensils. My sis-in-law is being a pain and is dragging her feet (as usual with all social events). Oh, sometimes I wish I could put her on about an annoying person and unhelpful at times. Other times, she's a saint but watch out for the devil in her when she is vexed.

I wish my sis was her. Now, she's great...she's done the kid parties forever and has a golden touch with this. So, Becky, if you want to fly out for Lydia's party come on over! lol! :)

Easter was nice (though I was still sick-ish) at Jon's parents. We had ham, tubule, potatoes, broccoli, etc. Good stuff. I really liked the tubule...There was pie afterwards but I'm not a fan of key lime. Too sour/sweet.

I have to take down the show at the medical building by the end of the week...earlier as now there seems to be a huge list of artists wanting to display. I'm hoping to have a place lined up to show more work...we shall see.

I'm making a few more ACEO's. I said I wouldn't but as I was sick and couldn't do anything bigger, it was a nice easing into project for me. So, I did some new pieces and will have those done by the weekend. I also had an idea for a larger series of paintings...I sketched it out, wrote out the details and started to think what size canvas (large) I'll need. This is going to be a fun project based on the feeling of Joy. I just feel that way with Spring coming, good directions in life and an over all feeling of newness to life. I feel like now that Spring is here we can start our gardens (March 27th), go hiking, make plans and do them, and so on. I missed planting so much I had dreams about roots and buds and gardening. I even rejoice at finding bugs in the house, waking up from their winter sleeps or growing from their egg pouches and exploring the house. I feel bad whenever I do squish a spider...I really shouldn't as they are protectors of plants but I'd feel worse throwing them outside when it's still snowy. Soon, I'll be able to catch them in jars and let them outside.
Little Charlotte's awaken to a new Spring!

Bit by bit...I find that if I work bit by bit, I do not get bored or tired of what I'm doing. I do a lot of different works and often will have to stop to let something dry. When something is drying, I work on another piece till I have to let that one dry. And vice versa. Of course, if I need to speed things up, a hair dryer will do. But usually I work with a lot around me as I usually have a lot of things going at once. Then, suddenly, things will finish and I'll have lots of fun things done. This is the time to start on the next batch of projects I wanted to get finished/started and thus it begins again. I love it!

One of the key things for me is not watching TV. I can have it on but most likely I'll be busy doing other things. Unless it's just too captivating, I'll most likely do something else at the same time. Most often then not, I don't watch shows or the news. This saves me from a lot tears and feeling of helplessness. I've also learned if I do see a headline or something sad, to say a prayer for the people involved. This makes me feel as though I've done something (even so small as a prayer) to help and I don't feel like I have to carry them on my shoulders. I thought about this for sometime and when I did start doing this, I noticed I did feel better. I felt like words and positive or good thoughts help. Focusing on the negative and only seeing the wrongs, made me feel unable to do most anything. I didn't realize this until I was honest with myself...and instead of just crying over bad news, I had something I could do right here. I think a lot of people already do this and it took me awhile to get there. At first I felt silly and pretentious but now it just feels more like a blessing to be able to call on the Good of all to help when we need.

Right now, I'm thinking about a friend who moved away, Colleen. I have to say she helped bring me back to my center and gave me some direction to follow. I didn't even realize how much it affected me at the time, but it's true. I hope they're doing well in Michigan. It feels a bit weird writing about this here...I tutored her boys for a few years. Great kids and family.

Well, I've got to start the day...hopefully, meeting with a new artist friend at about 11 or so. Should be fun and I hope we feel comfortable with each other. I'd bring Mr. Nelson but I'm ashamed he's got the worse mattes...I tried to brush them out and he did look pretty good but they came back. Now, I can't find his brush (I think Nelson hid it). Ah, well...a new day is here and as the Latin saying goes, Carpe Diem!


Designs by CK said…
Emily ~ Glad you are feeling better & looks like you guys had a FUN Easter!

Lovin' the bunny ears...CUTE! '-)

Emily said…
:) Thanks, Chris! If I had worn one, my ears would have be floppy...wasn't feelin' too hot...but I'm better now!

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