Art in Common

We had a great turn out for Art in Common at the Altoona Public Library. It went wonderfully...lots of information, beautiful works and a feeling of camaraderie piqued with humor. I enjoyed it very much. I will be posting a 2-3 part entry on the Altoona Mirror blog, most likely tomorrow evening.

Jon and I dropped off our kids at aunties and they had a good time there. While at the show, I felt nervous about meeting lots of great artists and people but it came out very well. I didn't feel overwhelmed and it was very pleasant experience. I do admit to having a pounding heart when it was my turn to speak about my piece, but I managed to get past my jitters (I hope!). :)

I added about 40 pics to my flickr stream and this is why the blog in the mirror is going to be about 3 parts. Just a lot of wonderful art work and I would like to start sharing as much as possible. But first, I will be adding a post about showing work at a local venue. It seems that Altoona is catching on to the art vibe this year and I'm certainly happy to be a part of it!

In other news, I got my new cards and to my dismay I forgot my website! Of all the things to least I remembered my number. The good thing is I went ahead and ordered a special stamp to add my website. I'm still kicking myself over this one. Fortunately, ordering new cards isn’t a problem and I’ll just stuff a bunch of these cards into the bills I pay monthly. Don’t know if it works but I’ve a thousand cards to get rid of! Lol!

Well, it's late and I need to get up early. The past two days have been hell in regards to some school things for my gals. Not to go into it too much, but it has to do with next year's planning. I'm confident with our decisions. Basically, I believe the emotions of a child are more important then the academic tests. It's funny how we think a sheet of paper is a guide...but the truth of the matter is it's the person who should be looked at and not the results. Anyway, one of those struggles of parenthood.

One thing is for certain, I'm very glad to know I'm not alone in this and am ever so grateful to be able to do research on topics regarding education with a few clicks on the keyboard. If I didn't have the information, I may have gone in a direction that was one-sided.

Water under the bridge...

Tomorrow should be an interesting day. I just hope the weather is as promised because it sure dropped temperature by least 10 degrees. Also, I've been walking to the school lately and I must say, I feel good about not using extra gas for this as well as getting some exercise. I can hardly wait for the blessed cool breezes of Spring. Or should I say blasts? So far, March has been mostly gentle. We need this like balm on a worn soul.

Good night and tomorrow is a new day.


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