Another cold...

Well, if the old mentality of getting germs makes you stronger in the end, I must be the Queen of Strength. I have another cold. I can't believe it but it's true...I barely had time to get over the last one and that was about 1 week ago. Hopefully, this will only last 3-4 days.

My eldest threw up last night (or early morning) while she was sleeping. I don't know why...I can only guess she ate too much at grandma's. This happens nearly every time we go to grandma's or auntie's house. I think they stuff them too much or something. Plus, they tend to buy these really rich cookies that I don't ever have in the house. I worry about preservatives and transfat.

So, I had to shower the poor kid this morning and otherwise, she was fine. I have to clean up her bed as well...yuck. My youngest has only thrown up, I guess she has a better response to these things. Plus, she doesn't like fatty foods or things of that nature. Her biggest vice are cheese flavored corn chips.

It's so surprising sometimes, how different they are. Being only a year and few months apart, they are suprisingly unique to each other. I guess that's really true of everyone, really. Fortunately, they also have some similiar likes otherwise, I'd really have a time of it making meals.

Artwise, I'm going to be photographing some new art pieces I made. Two angels and I'll try submitting them to some design companies. I have some more pieces I want to work on as well. I feel inspired and optimistic right now (even with a cold, kids throwing up, bills piling up and more).

Our last rat, Jane, died yesterday. I guess this was probably why Lydia was sad...we have to put some flowers on the grave. Jane lived for 3 years...very good for a rat and died of old age and tumors. She ate and moved around till the last day. The only thing I wish I could have done for her was ease her suffering with an aspirin or something. I guess I worry they are in pain. But she went to the great rat heaven in the sky...crossing over rainbow bridge. We miss you, Jane! Jon made a very sweet story of Jane's spirit helping the Easter bunny deliver the eggs and this made me want to cry...okay, I did cry.

Even though I'm late, as usual, I'm making some Easter things for our grandma's. They are coming along really cute and even if they are late (Easter is so early this year!) they can keep them out for Spring.

Art-wise, I need to get a CD ready to submit my work for the BCAF festival. I want to enter some new things but the process of varnishing would take to long. I might enter some digital work...I've never done that before and it might be interesting to get a response.

I have to really start getting stuff together for the May show at the library...I think I'll have enough work but I want to do some new things as well (animal/children related pieces). I'm excited about it.

I'm also nearly finished with an interview I did (actually, there are two) of local artists in the area. I'm excited to share that on the altoona blog. Their work is really wonderful and unique.

I must say being able to met other artists and people who are a bit like me (quirky) is great. Sometimes, it feels like nobody understands you if you've got ideas and thoughts that go in a different direction than most other people. Sort of like driving...we get and take the most familiar path but there is something alluring about taking the longer road and seeing new sites and places.



It's my birthday today too, lucky me...

Your blog looks great!


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