Monday, February 04, 2008


Been busy, primarily with getting the house in order and doing small art pieces. I haven't any idea if I'll have anyone for my art class tomorrow but the idea is to start having them, regardless and go from there.

I still need to go and do more flyers as well. Just feels like so much to do. The problem is our washer is on the fritz (looks like a new belt is in order) and this has clogged (literally) most of the house chores. So, once this is fixed, things will get smoother. I do a lot of laundry and I guess it wasn't a surprise this happened.

Otherwise, things are normal and I just need to get going on my projects. Lydia is sick with a mild tummy thing/cold. I hope she's all right tomorrow. I feel fine, in fact, my sense of smell is returning....I guess my cold is going away and any of the infection as well. But best of all it was without antibiotics. I've never used so many antibiotics until I moved to PA. Both of my gals have used antibiotics 2 times, ever. I do attribute this to homeschooling them and hand washing/alcohol based hand sanitizer. So, I feel good about this as well.

Otherwise, things are getting to be a bit normal...did some work at the Children's museum and I can't wait to start coloring the mural...I'm going to do sponge coloring with paint and then start on the hallway mural (I've been approved for this as well). :) Going to have a town them...

Need to get a few commissions to show a client and from there, I'll have most of my art things caught up as well. Well, I've got to go...sharing a computer with a 5 year old is not easy...

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