Updated the ol' blog...

I was wondering why I wasn't feeling to excited about my new banner and then it dawned on me...background color! So, I played around with it and viola! I LOVE it, as Spongebob would say! :)

I also did a different pic for my blog photo...a fun thing I was working on:

I think I'll do a whole series of these and submit them to some card companies. What the heck and I know the model really well! lol!

Anyway, I gathered up my little chicks and went over to the Children's museum and did a few hours on the murals. It's a REALLY big task on some levels but the freedom I get to paint is worth it. :) It's like a giant canvas and I get to paint basically what I want. I rather like it, myself (pics to come)...I've gotten past the initial nervous feeling of "will they like it" to "I will make wonderful!"

So, did that and the gals had fun while I painted. I forgot my handy dandy step stool but I managed. I think I'll need a few more hours in the coming week or two and it will be finished. Also, a surprising part of all this painting is my arms feel stronger! I didn't expect that. Kind of a nice feeling, actually.


Designs by CK said…
Emily, the new banner is lovely and this new blog layout is much better than your previous version. Cleaner and more cheerful!

Well done! :)


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