Soup on a cold day...

I made a delightful soup last night with lentils. Oh, it was good...added some plain yoghurt and I was in heaven. I got the recipe from the Goya package. I forgot to add the bouillon cube but it was probably better without it (I have a tendency to swell in the feet with minor amounts of salt).

Jon had 3 bowls of it and I did too; it was that good. I should have photographed it but I don't think lentils photograph that well. When I was a kid, my mom would always have a pot of lentils cooking or some other soup going. I remember the smell would be just heavenly...though, I didn't really care to eat it. I think I did like having some with yoghurt or Bulgarian cheese. Otherwise, it was nice to just smell the fragrance.

I'm thinking of making split pea soup tonight minus the ham (as that was used up). I think it will be good without it. It's funny how I always thought these things were hard to make because I'd see them in cans. Now, I realize it just takes 20 minutes to heat various beans in a pot of water, and there you go!

I might make turtle bread with the gals tonight as well. It's just bread in the shape of turtles...forgot where I got the recipe. Golden Medal? Anyway, it should be fun watching them create turtles with dough and then having it for dinner.

It's starting to snow again. We're supposed to get about 2 inches but I was hoping for Spring. My goodness, was I hoping.

I admit I've got flowers on the brain of late. I was really happy to find some artificial ones in the freecycle box of goodies. The gals and I love them and have a blast making various flower arrangements, wreaths to wear and so on. It's funny because people around here just give them away or sell them off. I don't know why folks don't take them off the stem and use them in different ways than the standard vase. They could even make little flower fairies like the book my sister sent me for Christmas has. We made two of these and they came out really sweet. Hmmm...may have to make some more! :)

Also, I found some good news out about local businesses. Sheetz (a gas and food stop), pays people fairly well. For most jobs, it starts at $9.25 an hour and goes up from there. I was really surprised and now realize why there are usually the same people working at these jobs (for years). Low turn-over and good employee service equals good customer service. I've never gone to a Sheetz and had a bad experience, now that I think about it. I'm supporting them from now on.


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