Snow Day

Thank goodness there is a snow day. Jon stayed home from work as well...he works in State College and it's a bit nerve wrecking on days of bad weather. This time he has a chest cold as well. Yesterday, after the doctors appointment and getting prescriptions for the ear infection, I was tired out. The gals rested/played and I did house work. Got nothing done art wise...Today was a different story. I must have put 12 backers on paintings and wire hung them by hand/drill. My wrist is killing me. Also, with the snow/cold weather it is a royal pain in the lower padded protrudes to carry canvas/materials from the garage to the house/basement. It feels like some sort of torture or something. But after bellowing for Jon, we got it all down there and in an hour everything was set up. Unfortunately, I couldn't put up the art tonight as it's just too much physically...called to make arrangements for tomorrow, hopefully. Or else Monday.

Apparently, the roads are horrible as a car hit one of the trees in front of our house and then smashed the railing on our steps. Another perk living on "main" street with only 2 stop signs. I have no idea how many car crashes there have been but this is the second one in 2 days. The police were in front of our house for another car skidding off the road, right by our neighbors. This is just too many times, honestly. I'm thankful Jon wasn't out shoveling snow at that moment or else who knows...I'm also thankful for the trees as they stopped that car from doing more damage to our house or else stopped it from smashing into the other neighbors house.

The amazing thing is our neighbors are pretty incredible. One neighbor came out and asked if anyone needed a blanket and everyone was concerned. On different occasions when cars have slid, groups of neighbors will come out of their houses and help this motorist. It might seem like common decency to some but I'm amazed by this because people aren't as jaded as we all might think they are.

All in all a much too exciting day. I had the kids out for 10 minutes but with their colds, in they went. We just went out to put some water balloons in the snow and some water containers. We were watching Curious George on PBS and they did something similar and made ice bowling balls/pins. I LOVE this! Perfect for those old days...Hopefully, the gals will feel well enough to try this tomorrow or Sunday.

Made a big pot of soup after watching the cops/fire trucks stop traffic to write reports and check if the drivers of the crash were all right. They're fine, thankfully, and they're even going to repair the rail once the weather is warmed up. Every window in their car was smashed...I think the driver and passenger were in mild shock.

I'm really going to make an effort to go to city hall with the reports of accidents on my street and get more stop signs put up. I've been procrastinating about this and need to do this.


suzanne.artist said…
Good luck Emily in getting signage for your road-sounds like it's a much needed safety improvement.

In the meantime maybe you could make your own sign to encourage careful driving?

Love your blog,

Emily said…
Excellent suggestion! We're working on a sign...I love this, Suzanne!

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