Rainy days...

Today was our first rainy day in a while...usually it's either snow or just cold. The day sorted made everyone (or at least Jon and I) feel blah...I think I'm getting a cold from the gals...Norrie has one now and I hope it's mild compared to poor Lydia (she's still coughing up/throwing up. I'm going to either take her to the doctor tomorrow or call the nurse for something stronger. I hope it's not an infection.

Also, I FINALLY got the gals beds painted...we had these beautiful old 1920's style beds from the previous owner. I painted them a pale rose white and they look very shabby chic...then, my mom-in-law mentioned about these cute decal type things with Fairies on them. I got them today and put them on...Wallies fairies are the ones we chose. They look very pretty and cheerful! :) I'll take some photos once the computer is back from the shop.

In the meantime, Jon and I are suffering as we gave up our full bed for Lydia (thought it was a 3/4 bed but turns out it's full) and so we had to order a new mattress for us. I've had my king size bed frame for about 4 years waiting for a mattress so, this is a long time coming. We're toughing it by sleeping on a futon padding which is a pain in the back, literally. So, I'm grumpy is what I'm getting at...lol!

This weekend we had volunteer duty and I got a lot of painting done on the mural...This is a lot more than I thought I'd be doing but I'm really pleased people seem to like what I've created. In feet, the murals would range about 80 to 100 feet. I've been approved to do some one the 2nd floor as well, so this is exciting. Since there are several murals already there with a "magical" feel, I may keep up with that...Some horses, unicorns, stuff of that nature. I'll pull out my projector for this and do some nice tight work in this regard. The 3rd floor mural is more of a coloring book feel...I love it and I'm glad a lot of other people do too. :)

So, I'm sore from all of this. The great thing about these murals is I feel 100% confident in doing some more in my own home...I have a few requests for unicorns and trees...so, this is on the summer agenda (unless sooner). Plus, it's a lot of fun donating my time to the museum in this way. The best part is Jon helps with the kid watching.

I'm so excited about the art blog for local artists in the area that I've started. On Tuesday there is a meeting for this group I've joined and I hope to get some more contacts for this. I, also, will put the word out over the net and local net groups and start gathering artists for interviews and link exchanges.

All in all, many good things are happening and best of all I'm in my element with art. I need to start advertising some art classes and up-date my web page. The latter will have to wait the main computer's return. This is so frustrating...that with the bed situation.

On the up side, I got to see "You can't take it with you" the 1938 version with Jimmy Stewart. What a thrill to see this. I read the play way back in the early 1990's and remember just loving the humor and wit. Just so much better than many of today's shows. I wish a few writers would follow the examples of George S. Kaufman and Moss Hart. I still get chills when the character played by Jimmy Stewart talks about getting energy like plants and grass does from the sun. Solar energy...amazing. Besides all of this, the film shows an eccentric family, much like all happy families are like, doing their own thing. And who can resist the sweet crow in there as well. :)

Anyway, got to get ready to go to our once weekly dinner at the in-laws. I'm a little nervous as it's a cold rain falling and Lydia just threw up. Maybe we'll stay home.


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