The Pen is mightier than the Sword...

I recently had a situation with a dental practice. It's almost absurd in the amount of thought and irritation I've received from this establishment. The secretary is nicknamed "The Dragon Lady" and I guess this will tip off locals to who I mean.

The stupid thing about this whole thing is there isn't anything I could have done differently. What did I do wrong, you ask? Well, I cancelled an appointment due to being sick (once) and was late during a rain storm. These are my two faults. A normal person would say, well, what's the problem then? And I'd say, Exactly! There isn't a problem! However, Dragon Lady seems to think 1 cancellation entitles her to warn me about being banned from their practice. You're not allowed to make more than one cancellation...(this happened a year ago, mind July 2007).

I made an appointment yesterday, without realizing I was stepping into a pile of poop. Actually, I felt uneasy about setting up an appointment but I tried to focus on the dentist (who is actually pretty good). But the stink of Dragon Lady, has made him foul too. I'm going to look for another dentist and cancel my own account with this organization. Little thing like this matter to me and actually to most people. When I was late because of down pour, I thought to myself, I will not rush and get into an accident for a dental appointment. I got there safely. What did the secretary say to me when I arrived? She yelled at me for being late and making a mess of her appointments in front of the whole office/lobby and my young daughters. I was so shocked, I didn't know what to say. Well, now I do... I also wrote two reviews for them on the yellow pages (thank goodness for reviews) and I'll be sending the dentist a sorry, I'm leaving note but I don't put up with sh--.

Someone told me, the dentist lets the Dragon Lady fight his battles. But honestly, if this person can't control this thing in the office, I don't think they're a very ethical profession. So, good-bye to them and good riddance.


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