Making a few changes here on my blog...

I realized I still had my banner from 2007 and thought I'd try a new one with a different feel to it. I'll probably change it again but for now, this will do. Plus, I decided to try the templates here on blogger...they seem much easier to use since I started here (about 4 years ago!) and I'm all for ease in the world of html. :)

Speaking of changes here's the art room wall before and after at the Children's Museum...


before the yellow

I wish I had rememberd to take a pic of the stuff that was on there before. But you get the idea...much better now.

And this is another reason why we're getting so much indoor stuff done:
Poor little bird feeder! photo by Jon

Jon just finished scrapping a path from the house to the parking lot. We were walking on about 2-3inches of ice...Supposedly, it's supposed to warm up tomorrow. I hope so. I'm also really enjoying being home with the family instead of always running around outside at odd hours. What a relief.


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