Low Energy...

Well, the colds have struck us here...eldest has an ear infection, woke at 4 in the morning to crying and pain. Poor thing...didn't want to go the doctors but I told her they'd give her something to feel better. So, I'm tired and exhausted. Just when I thought these sorts of nights were gone...the wakeup-in-the wee-small-hours-of-the-morning-days. I guess nobody really gets past sick days; part of the human condition.

My back is in pain as I had to pick up the youngest (who is rather tall for her age) and hold her a lot. Now, I'm paying for that. Good grief. So, a restless night.

On a good note, we finally got our new mattress which had to be crammed up the 1930's style steps with a tight turn to the left. I took all the stuff off the walls and they moved a bookcase out of the way. I didn't realize how much dust had snuck in behind there! But they got that bed stuff up and it would feel great but my back hurts. Plus, Jon didn't get to sleep in there as Lydia was with me, tossing, crying and so forth. Sigh...parenthood.

We did make it to the local art group over here, Art in Common. I have to say I was a bit surprised by the "college-like" feel of the meeting. I guess it was because the speaker is a professor of Psychology. I have the info written on my notes and will add them here later (plus, I have to up-date the Altoona Mirror blog I write on "The Art Cafe"). The guy gave a presentation of his art which he said was supposed to deal with the psychosis of various individuals. Honestly, I don't think that's his strong point. His strong point is the use of recycled materials which he uses in the most basic of ways...sculptures constructed of Styrofoam, barbed wire, and various stuffs that would normally be thrown out. I guess I was a little surprised at how little this artist had any former knowledge of other artists and basic art history. He didn't even know who Frida Kahlo was and obviously didn't read anything about what abstract art is about. Fortunately, I wasn't the only one who seemed to have this feeling...I was amused by the comments of various women in the group, who spoke honestly and weren't afraid to say the obvious. All in all an enjoyable time. I had Jon there with me and it felt good doing something together. The meeting took place at the Church-in-the-middle-of-the-Block hosted by a local artist, John Rita. It made for a very atmospheric feel and though a bit neglected and run down, interesting none-the-less. The temperature wasn't in our favor as it was about 7 degrees outside and this place obviously doesn't have insulation. When we got home I was shivering so much I thought my teeth were going to crack. I found out the wind chill was 1 degree, figures. We did get some of the banana bread a member was kind enough to make for the group. It was pretty good too!

This Friday, tomorrow, I have several paintings I'm going to be displaying at the Blair Medical associates hall area. I only noticed 8 spots but I think there might be more places to hang my work. The coordinator mentioned having 25 paintings but some of mine are 3 feet long (or longer) so, this won't be a problem. I would like to get to Lowes for a few other supplies as I've been brainstorming some experimental ideas for framing. I guess I really feel annoyed by the traditional (and expensive) way of framing. I want to do something unique, I guess. We shall see what evolves. The paintings will be hung for 3 months. Then, I will be put on the rotation for displaying work. Exciting!

I'm also doing a group show (painting due next month!) for the Art in Common group and these will be at the library. Oddly, I'm up for a show of my own (or combined) at the library in May. I hope to promote my children's work there as well as my 1st book. So, there's a lot on my plate right now.

It's funny how, even though there are setbacks in life, it does make you think of other ways to get things done. I'm thinking of the computer situation and even my framing dilemma. Just interesting how the brain works if you really want to get something done.

On still another art related note, Blair County Arts Foundation (BCAF) is allowing CD views of artwork, instead of only slides. Thank goodness! It was really costly to get slides made. There are a few other places that need to up-date their technologies...one of which is Pennsylvania Magazine. I read the submission policy and they basically snub digital entries/art. I was surprised by this and thought it was really shallow as it undermines newer artists (like myself) who find it increasingly costly to get prints made as well as the time factor. I may have to write to the editor there. It's not like I'd say get rid of prints but to be accepting of the newer technologies and you may find even more viewers for your magazine. This is one reason why I haven't subscribed to this magazine, yet.

Anyway, lots to do but not overwhelming...just hope the gals feel better soon and the days start to feel warmer. Because they are so dang cold right now! :)


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